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Friday February 23, 2007 11:19 pm

Stat’s All, Folks: Redd Is Back!

Michael Redd is back on the court handling businessThanks to All-Star weekend, there is a small sample size of games to draw from, so I’ll tweak it up a bit this week by highlighting players and giving you blurbs for each one.  There will be no suggestions for players to keep an eye on or ones you shouldn’t believe the hype for.  However, I think you’ll live and all will still be well in your fantasy basketball world… unless you own Dwyane Wade.  Read on at your own discretion, but you may need some tissues.

Statistics are from February 16th – February 22nd



Michael Redd, SG, Milwaukee Bucks
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 2 G; 27.5 PPG; 43.5 FG%; 72.7 FT%

Much to the relief of the Bucks and many fantasy owners alike, Redd is back on the court and he’s pretty much picking up where he left off.  It was a little bit shaky in Redd’s first game back as he “only” scored 17 points shooting an ugly 7-for-18 from the field, but his performance the following night allayed any fear.  On the second night of a back-to-back, Redd scored 38 points in 40 minutes, including hitting six three-pointers.  That performance shows that Redd may be getting his game legs and wrists back sooner than later.

Gilbert Arenas, PG, Washington Wizards
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 2 G; 40.5 PPG; 52.2 FG%; 90.6 FT%

Is there anyone more exciting to watch on the hardwood right now?  And does any player blog better than Agent Zero?  This guy is more dynamic than Batman and Robin combined!  And so is his fantasy value.  To get an idea of how good he is, look at his last game that was against the Sacramento Kings – 43 points, seven rebounds, seven assists, three steals, three triples, but also NINE turnovers!  Yup, you gotta take the bad with the good with Arenas, but it’s mostly good.  Hibachi!

Shaq is breaking anklesShaquille O’Neal, C, Miami Heat
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 2 G; 18.5 PPG; 60.0 FG%; 46.7 FT%

Thinking about O’Neal and his current situation, I can’t help but think of that Celine Dion song with the lyrics, “All by myself…”  If you didn’t know, you haven’t been paying attention enough, but Dwyane Wade could miss the rest of the season due to a dislocated shoulder.  But, more on that below.  Back to Shaq.  In his first game after the break, the Diesel scored 20 points in 27 minutes and in his next game, 17 points in 25 minutes.  What does this mean?  Per 48 minutes, Shaq would average 34 points a game, but there is no way a soon-to-be 35-year-old Shaq will play that many minutes.  So, realistically speaking, let’s look at 33 minutes of play and you’ll get 23.5 points per game from the man in the middle.  And those numbers are definitely possible as he will now became the focus on the offense from here on out, thanks to…


Dwyane Wade, PG/SG, Miami Heat
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 1 G; 27.0 PPG; 44.0 FG%; 71.4 FT%

Wade will most likely not help you out in the regular season whether he has surgery on his shoulder or not.  Wade will not be the same and if you have him, depending on what he decides and what the potential projected recovery time is, you may want to drop him as soon as he decides.  If Flash has surgery, say bye bye unless you’re in a keeper league.  If he doesn’t and will attempt to come back this season, he MIGHT help you in the playoffs.  But those chances are as small as Muggsy Bogues in a roomful of Manute Bols.  I’ll end it with this warning - Shane Battier, watch your back.  There are a lot of fantasy basketball owners that hate you right now.

Allen Iverson, PG, Denver Nuggets
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 1 G; 9.0 PPG; 27.3 FG%; 75.0 FT%

In his only game this past week, which was against the San Antonio Spurs, Iverson was held under ten points for the first time this season, only scoring nine points for the game.  Adding the fact that Carmelo is the main offensive weapon, justifiably, Iverson will actually take a backseat in scoring points for the first time since, hmm, probably grade school.  However, the third scoring option for the Nuggets, J.R. Smith is out for three to four weeks, so Iverson will get enough strokes to keep scoring.  And, honestly, this is The Answer we’re talking about.  He’ll score, but just not as much as he did in Philly.



Jason Kidd, PG, New Jersey Nets
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 1 G; 14.0 APG; 1.0 TO

Wow, what a great assist-to-turnover ratio.  Was he “auditioning” for the Los Angeles Lakers in his sole game before possibly being traded?  Maybe.  Either way, Kidd went nowhere after the trading deadline passed on Thursday.  Also, it was revealed that Kidd has been playing with cracked ribs for some time this season, which makes you wonder how ridiculously sick Kidd would be if he were healthy.  In any case, he’s always been known for his vision so the dimes are no surprise.  However, if you got the spot, I just might pick up Marcus Williams just in case Kidd can’t handle the pain, in addition to having no reason to perform at a high level to be traded.  In two starts before the All-Star break, Williams averaged 14 points and 6.5 asssists.  Just something to think about.

Luke Ridnour, PG, Seattle SuperSonicsLuke Ridnour
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 1 G; 12.0 APG; 2.0 TO

Ridnour is playing like he doesn’t want to relinquish the starting job he just regained from Earl Watson.  Ridnour dropped a dozen dimes in a blowout win over the Memphis Grizzlies in the SuperSonics last game and it was only in 28 minutes of play.  It helps when you can pass off to a healthy Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis.  If other managers in your league fell asleep on Ridnour and don’t realize that he’s a starter again, I’d pick him up with zero reservations.


Mike Bibby, PG, Sacramento Kings
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 2 G; 3.0 APG; 2.0 TO

Is Bibby really a point guard?  That’s what they list him as in NBA media guides, but he’s really a shooting guard in a lead guard’s body, which is fine unless you’re relying on him to dish off more than a few assists per game.  And there are many of us that do from our point guard.  I’m not complaining about the scoring Bibby brings, but would it kill him to drop more than a few dimes per contest?




Ben Wallace, C, Chicago Bulls
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 2 G; 16.5 RPG

Ben Wallace has been wearing his afro out and proving that his hair is his power as it was for Samson.  In his last game on national television last night against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Big Ben pulled down 19 boards and was a force inside.  After a relatively shaky start in his first season of Chi-town, Wallace has been turning it around lately and earning his money, as well as his fantasy value relatively to where he was drafted before the season. 

Al Jefferson ain't playing!Al Jefferson, PF/C, Boston Celtics
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 2 G; 16.0 RPG

Jefferson is just about the only bright spot for the Celtics, other than Gerald Green being to jump over a table.  Jefferson’s development this season has been a long time coming and it was wise for the Celtics to not trade Jefferson as he was rumored to be leaving Beantown in a few scenarios.  And just like the Celtics, Jefferson owners should not trade him if they need boards and blocks and who couldn’t use that from the Center spot.  I know I could use the production.


Elton Brand, PF, Los Angeles Clippers
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 1 G; 5.0 RPG

After missing two games with back spasms, Brand came back and only grabbed five boards, all of which were offensive.  Not comedian Nick DiPaulo offensive, but “boards on the offensive side of the court” offensive.  Obviously, it’s only one game and Brand shouldn’t be put in the doghouse as he is one of the more stable fantasy players out there, but looking at his season average of 9.1 boards per game, it is lower than his 10.3 career average and would be the lowest of his career should the season end now.  If you have other needs elsewhere, I’d consider trading Brand and his “brand name” value.




Adam Morrison, SF/PF, Charlotte Bobcats
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 2 G; 4.0 3PTM

On back-to-back nights, the rookie Morrison was consistent with four treys made in each game.  Maybe this will be the start of a trend post-All-Star break.  Morrison can only hope so because he’s pretty much been inconsistent in the first-half not matching the high expectations placed on the Stache before the season.  However, if Morrison can find his stroke, he’s one of the better scoring rookies out there and with half a season under his shorts, the Stache could get comfortable and snap nets consistently off the bench.

Mike Miller, SG/SF, Memphis Grizzlies
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 2 G; 5.0 3PTM

It must be nice being your team’s only consistent perimeter shooter.  Just ask Mike Miller who in the past week hit a franchise record nine triples against the Golden State Warriors that tied him with, well, himself.  Miller earlier this season hit nine treys against, well, the Warriors.  He also finished with a franchise record 45 points in that same game.  The lesson learned here, put Miller in your lineup when the Grizzlies play the Warriors. 


J.R. Smith, SG, Denver Nuggets
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 1 G; 0.0 3PTM

Smith will be out three to four weeks thanks to upcoming knee surgery to repair torn knee cartilage suffered against the San Antonio Spurs earlier this week.  Smith is hitting 2.7 three-pointers this season and if you have him on your team, stash him on your bench because once he comes back, he should be ready to take the kick-outs from Melo and A.I. and splash it through the nets.




Jason Kapono, SG/SF, Miami Heat
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 2 G; 3.0 SPG

Fresh off a title at All-Star weekend after winning the Three-Point Shootout, beating the likes of Dirk Nowitzki and Gilbert Arenas in the final, some may say Kapono stole the championship since he didn’t have the name of the aforementioned players.  Well, the pilfering continued afterwards as Kapono swiped five balls against the Rockets in the Heat’s first game, but only had one rock rip in the next game.  Believe that downward trend and don’t expect Kapono to get many checks in the steals category.

Caron Butler, SF, Washington Wizards
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 2 G; 2.5 SPG

Butler, coming off an All-Star game berth, also ripped five rocks in one game.  However, the difference between Kapono and Butler is that Butler is a legit ball thief, owning a 1.6 career average and stealing the ball 2.2 per game this season.  And looking at his month-to-month steal averages, it’s gone up every month since the start of the season: November – 1.7; December – 2.1; January – 2.3; February – 3.0.  Just like the Eastern Conference coaches did in voting Butler in, recognize.


Raymond Felton, PG/SG, Charlotte Bobcats
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 2 G; 0.5 SPG

Brevin Knight is back, coming off the bench for the Bobcats and that usually means that Felton’s steals and assists stats could likely go down since those are the categories that Knight excels in.  However, it’ll take some time for Knight to start being his old self and Felton has nothing to worry about.  Even though he didn’t get many steals this past week, it’s only a week.  The only reason it’s notable is because Felton is averaging triple that amount per game this season.  Listen to 80s one-hit wonder icon, Bobby McFerrin, and “don’t worry, be happy.”




Shawn Marion, SF/PF, Phoenix Suns
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 2 G; 3.0 BPG

One of the reasons I love Marion is his ability to send back shots, along with the many other things the Matrix is able to do.  He’s been steady this season in the blocks category and should end up finishing with about 1.5 rejections per contest.  And all this at only six feet, seven inches. 

Ben Wallace, C, Chicago Bulls
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 2 G; 4.5 BPG

Yes, I’m mentioning Big Ben again! But, when you block seven shots on national television, it’s worth it to mention Wallace again.  And he scored 14 points in that game, which is the equivalent of scoring 50 points for him!  In any case, this is about blocks and Ben has been rejecting balls like he was a stockholder in Lego. 


Gerald Wallace, SG/SF/PF, Charlotte Bobcats
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 2 G; 0.5 BPG

What happened to the Gerald Wallace that averaged 2.1 blocks per game last season?  This season, Crash is only averaging 0.9 rejections this season, a significant downtrend in this category.  You can probably blame teammate Emeka Okafor and his 2.8 blocks per contest this season.  Or maybe last season was just an anomaly for the Wallace, but he did average 1.3 rejections the season before last for the Bobcats.  Either way, Crash just ain’t cutting it for owners expecting a deuce in the block column.



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