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Friday May 11, 2007 9:09 am

LeBron: Second Team All NBA?

DescriptionNow, I know DroppingDimes.com is a fantasy hoops blog.  I just can’t help but direct you guys to Brian Windhorst’s blog post today.  For those of you that don’t know Windhorst, he’s one of the best beat writers in the league today - and thankfully, he covers the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

He’s so well respected that he’s frequently mentioned in Henry Abbott’s TrueHoop Blog, as well as Dan Steinberg’s Washington Post Blog (DC Sports Bog).  Why should you check out today’s post?  Well, he does a little “digging” if you will, and by “digging,” I mean simple math to show you how LeBron James got screwed out of the First Team All-NBA.

One section I’d love to draw your attention to…

OK, well Stoudemire got 36 first-place votes and, says the release, 494 overall points.  This is mathematically impossible.  See, 36 first-place votes X 5 points each = 180 points.  Then let’s just assume Stoudemire was second on every other ballot (which is impossible because I personally put him on the third team, but anyway) so say he’s got 93 second-place votes.  That’s 93 second-place votes X 3 points each = 279.  Add up the points: 180 + 279 = 459.  459 is the max he can have.  The 494 points reported, though, is exactly the same as LeBron’s total.  Which seems a bit odd/fishy.  But Stoudemire doesn’t have to out vote LeBron for the team, just the other centers.

Yes, I’m a diehard Cavaliers fan…but this is something that should irk any fan at all.  Plus, it gives me a reason to post on DD.com - which I’ve been itching to do for quite a while. 

Hope all’s well guys…





NBA.com has Amare listed at 351 points and 36 first place votes. Lebron had 64 first place votes and 494 points.

Lebron was way behind Dirk (634 pts, 125 1st place) and TD (573, 94 1st place) at the forward positions.

Don’t know how they slot players into the positions for this, but someone at the head office should have slotted TD at center, thus allowing ‘Bron to be a first team forward. Don’t think too many people would quibble at Amare being 2nd team center this year.

Gotta agree with Nels though. Perception is ‘Bron had a “down” year. I’d be surprised if he finishes in the top 4 for the MVP voting. It’s been leaked that Dirk is MVP but the results are not out yet.

The voters need to pay more attention too. Yao and Wade are great, but they missed all that time this year and still garner 1st place votes?

Hey bro, I’m with you, I am. But that 28-6-6 is down from the 30+, 8 and 7 people were expecting him to ascend to. That’s what the best have to deal with, people always expect more. That doesn’t make it right, but I do think that’s the way it is. Add in the fact that he was quoted as saying his goal in life was to become a “global brand” and “the most famous person in the world” as opposed to the greatest baller ever, and there are gonna be some old crony haters that vote against him.

50 wins is a successful season any way you slice it, but the perception (and reality) is that five teams in the West had a better record, and that since the Cavs didn’t garner a top 2 seed until the last day of the season, Bron manages to fly under the radar, so to speak. I know, I know, before you go all “Man on Fire,” I agree with you!

Magic Johnson had to wait 7 years and after Larry Bird won 3 MVPs before winning his first MVP. I’m sure when all is said and done, ‘Bron will be a multiple winner, whether the voting is credible or not.

As a non-homer, I think that “Bron had more of an MVP season last year compared to this year, and I would have had Nash higher on my list this year.

Don’t feel so sorry for the guy, Sarge. He is building a bowling alley AND a barber shop as part of his palatial estate, and will have a big statue of his head in his garden. The kid’s doing aight for himself.



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