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Monday January 28, 2008 7:40 am

Just Because: The Official Steve Novak Watch

The Dropping Dimes crew has been a big fan of Shootin’ Steve Novak since his days at Marquette.  We had some lofty expectations for the gunner coming into last season, but for some reason or another (cough, defense), things never seemed to unfold. 

Well, with last night’s season high of 10 (ten!) points, I have officially decided to start the Steve Novak Watch for the remainder of this season.  Check back early and often for updates.  Okay, maybe not often as he seems to only play about once a month.  Maybe this is the start of a new era, but only time will tell…

Steve Novak #20, F, Houston Rockets

Games Played: 5 (9:41 mpg)
Field Goals: 9-15
3-Pt Field Goals: 7-11
Free Throws: 2-2
Points: 27
Rebounds: 8




glad you enjoy it…

Vote Novak/Alex ‘08!

you were absolutely right, I had no idea about this Novak guy and his per 48mins. Still, I thought it was pretty obvious that you were joking, considering he’s only played a total of 48 mins lol but I guess you were serious…well, call me crazy, but I think there is about as much chance of Novak getting Mike MIller like stats as there is of Eddy Curry winning the defensive player of the year award, or Larry Hughes shooting .500, or Yao Ming getting blocked by Nate Robinson…oh wait, scratch that. I take that back, I guess anything’s possible…

think Kapano. Kapono? wait, the guy’s got ZERO value…you’re saying keep Novak on the radar cause with a little defense he could become the next Jason Kapono? err? hey why not just go nuts and and scoop Kapano off the wire, who needs Novak lol

I was watching the rockets vs bucks game earlier and they mentioned that Steve Novak was ineligible for sat’s game because the Rockets listed guard Mike James twice on the active roster, leaving him out…supposedly he has a bunch of friends and family that came to see him play…bummer, you jinxed him dude

I want to have Steve Novak’s children!

I’ll need THAT operation first though…

Well, speaking for a FIGHT CLUB format, knowing about a guy like Novak can come in handy from time to time.  You’re rotating guys in and out on daily basis and sometimes the Steve Novak’s are the only caliber of players available on a light game day.

Fantasy relevance is a relative term, I’ll take all of the info on marginal players that I can get!

I’ll be sure to sure to gripe about columns that aren’t useful to ME, because its all about ME, and I won’t care if MY griping causes the writers to avoid columns that might be relevant to someone else…

“Steve Novak‚Äôs are the only caliber of players available on a light game day. “

oh please, he doesn’t even have a set place in the rotation. These “light game days” you speak of are the exception—that’s nonsense and not a good enough reason to want posts about random, USELESS, players…sorry

Sorry your majesty.

Those dosage recommendations on prescription bottles are there for a reason.

They won’t help you if you don’t take them as directed.

Is the CIA after you again?

I get it, when in doubt (or when you make ZERO sense) go for comedic value…have fun looking searching the wire for players that have more DNP’s than they do minutes for the season…now that’s funny lmao


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