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Thursday July 3, 2008 7:46 am

Elton Brand Has Some Decisions to Make

Elton Brand

While we followed up on the recent Baron Davis news not too long ago, this game of musical chairs appears to be far from over.

The Warriors appear to have been caught off guard by Sir Davis leaving for Los Angeles, thus have decided to start hurling contract offers all over the league.  Word came out that Chris Mullin and crew made an offer to Washington’s Gilbert Arenas - but he appears to be staying put.  So, next on the list? 

Former (and possibly returning) Clipper power forward Elton Brand

Per the San Francisco Chronicle:

Flush with cap space after Davis’ sudden exit, the Warriors have offered free agent Elton Brand a five-year deal worth between $85 and $90 million, according to league sources. ...

The Clippers had offered Brand is a five-year deal worth about $70 million - about $20 million less than the Warriors.

Brand, who had been close to re-signing with the Clippers, is expected to make a decision today.

While all signs point to Brand staying with the Clippers and new, exciting acquisition Baron Davis, a move to Golden State could loft Brand’s fantasy value back into the top 10.  High risk, given the time that he has missed, but when you have one of the best scoring power forwards in the game that hits the glass with the best of them and all of a sudden put him in the Bay Area offense - that means good things for numbers. 

Of course, this is all pure speculation and could wind up being a waste of bandwidth come later today.  But it definitely gives you something to think about while you wait for the three-day weekend to approach.



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