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Monday August 25, 2008 10:40 am

Dropping Dimes Mock Draft: Round 1, Pick 10 - Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson will be 33-years-old at the start of the upcoming 2008-09 NBA season, but does age really affect Allen Iverson?  Well, “the answer” (sorry, bad pun intended) is an emphatic NO!  Iverson seems to be an immortal on the hardwood and will be entering his 13th season in the league.  Wow, so I feel old.  I still remember when AI crossed over Michael Jordan in Iverson’s rookie year during the 1996-97 season.  SICK!  And, guess what?  Iverson can still make it happen on the hardwood and therefore, your fantasy basketball squad.

Since I’m a fan of three-year trends, let’s take a look at the Answer’s:

2005-06: 72 G; 43.1 MIN; 44.7 FG%; 1.0 3PTM; 81.4 FT%; 3.2 RPG; 7.4 APG; 1.9 SPG; 0.1 BPG; 3.4 TO; 33.0 PPG
2006-07: 65 G; 42.5 MIN; 44.2 FG%; 1.0 3PTM; 79.5 FT%; 3.0 RPG; 7.2 APG; 1.9 SPG; 0.2 BPG; 4.1 TO; 26.3 PPG
2007-08: 82 G; 41.8 MIN; 45.8 FG%; 1.2 3PTM; 80.9 FT%; 3.0 RPG; 7.1 APG; 2.0 SPG; 0.1 BPG; 3.0 TO; 26.4 PPG

NOTE: The 2006-07 was split between the Philadelphia 76ers (15 games) and Denver Nuggets (50 games).

So, what do we see?  Well, the man can obviously still score, although with a bit of dip thanks to the presence of Denver Nuggets teammate and gold-medal Olympian, Carmelo Anthony.  That’s to be expected.  However, when you’re still in the top five (third) in scoring as Iverson was last season, you’ll shut up and take the points Iverson gives.  What else do we see?  A indubitable consistency when it comes to “dropping dem dimes” as you can expect seven each time The Answer’s kicks hit the hardwood.  And, the thin, but muscular Iverson is still one of the quickest guards out there as his two steal average proves.  Passing lanes?  AI has them covered!  On-ball defense?  Iverson is on the opposing point guard, waiting for him to make a mistake so that he can pounce all over the rock. However, how well will he do this season as Iverson probably won’t be able to take as many chances as he used now that he doesn’t have the insurance policy in the block that he had with former Philadelphia 76ers teammate Samuel Dalembert and former Nuggets teammate Marcus Camby.  I don’t expect there to be any significant dip, but it’s something to be aware of.

Regarding shooting percentages, Iverson is solid throughout as he keeps his FG percentage high for a guard by attacking the basket like Pauly Shore on the newest Playmate.  Plus, we all know that AI is as streaky as they come and when he’s hot, especially from the perimeter, there’s no stopping the man from snapping his wrist and knowing the sound of “swish” will soon be following.  From the charity stripe, Iverson is a solid gamble to hit four out of every five attempts and that’s an excellent rate considering how much Iverson takes it to the hole. However, the double-edged sword this taking it to the hole could be, watch out for Iverson’s potential to miss some games during the season, although he was as durable as anyone else last season when he played all 82 games.

In the end, you just have to like Iverson’s consistency throughout his career and there just doesn’t seem any chance of AI falling off this season.  Once again the Nuggets will run-and-gun, especially since there is no more Camby, the only player on the Nuggets that played any significant defense, so you know that Iverson will be off to the races, dishing and swishing (thank you, Walt Frazier) with the best of them.



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