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Friday July 27, 2007 8:07 am

Dropping Dimes Mock Draft Blog 2007 Round 2, Pick 1

Pau Gasol and Yao MingCan you feel the love? The string of big men continues in the Dropping Dimes fantasy mock draft. Pau Gasol may fly under the fantasy radar because he missed 22 games at the beginning of last season with a busted left foot, but he could be worth getting picked this high. Teaming up international stars, Gasol and Yao Ming is a solid foundation to dominate big ball play and gig men that average 20-10 in fantasy b-ball are hard to find - not harder then finding a sober story of Lindsey Lohan, however. In two center leagues, securing two all-star centers in arguably the weakest position in regards to depth can be a solid investment. When other GM’s may be forced to draft a center later in the draft, you will have the luxury to draft the best available player.

Pau Gasol, PF/C, Memphis Grizzles

A change in management and the infusion of new talent has created a sense of optimism with the Memphis Grizzles. GM Chris Wallace and coach Marc Iavaroni were brought in to change the atmosphere in Memphis, but the run and gun style that the Grizzles adopted last year under interim coach Tony Barone will continue under Marc Ivaroni.

Check out Gasol’s numbers from last season and last year’s draft blog article.

’06-‘07: 20.8 ppg, 9.9 rpg, 3.4 apg, 0.5 spg, 2.1 bpg, 2.8 topg, 53.9.1 FG%, 74.8 FT%

He produced these numbers with a cloud over his head, if you recall he asked to be traded in January. Can you imagine what Gasol can do in a better state of mind? There is a lot to be optimistic about in Grizzlyland.  Wallace drafted PG Mike Conley Jr., who likens his slashing abilities to that of Tony Parker. Memphis also has high hopes for G Kyle Lowry whose season was ended prematurely last year with a broken wrist. Mike Miller is back with his hair band dropping treys and Rudy Gay is just happy. Memphis signed free agent Darko Milicic, but the jury is still out on this signing. If the Darko experiment does not pan out, Hakim Warrick is ready to step in. The man at the helm to lead this talented group is rookie head coach Iavaroni, who will run and gun offensively similar to his old team the Phoenix Suns. Coach Iavaroni will make Gasol the focal point of the offense. Gasol is lethal in the post and is a good passer, which will be exploited by Iavaroni. All these factors could add up to career numbers for Pau this year.

There is a little concern about Gasol’s durability. Gasol played 59 games last year and the ’04-’05 season, he played in 56 games. If Gasol was to put his best foot forward it would not be his left foot. A stress fracture in the ’04-’05 season and a broken left foot last year were the cause for the majority of games missed. If you take away the two injury-ridden seasons, Gasol has averaged 80 games per season. With a lighter workload from his international basketball commitments with Spain and Gasol should be ready for the NBA grind this year. 

Team up Yao Ming with the talented Spaniard for your fantasy basketball team is like having Chow Yun-Fat and Antonio Banderas starring in action shoot-em up movie directed by John Woo. That would be awesome. 

Other Team Member:

1.12. Yao Ming, C, Houston Rockets



Yao: Are you okay?

Pau: Leave me alone!

Yao: Look, I didn’t mean it!

Pau: All I wanted was a hug.

Yao: Here, let me hug you now.

Pau: No! You slapped me in the face!

Yao: I said I was sorry! Let me make it up to you.

Pau: This is gonna cost you big time.

Yao: Umm…can I write a check?

What?  Friends listen to “endless love” in the dark.

Hey Pau, don’t believe the stereotype… we WILL poke your eye out.


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