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Friday October 19, 2007 11:39 am

Dropping Dimes Mock Draft 2007- Round 6, Pick 8 - Ben Gordon

Ben Gordon

The Fig Cap: “That guy is behind me again, staring, isn’t he?  Can’t say I blame him.”

“Ben Gordon is a one-dimensional player that only scores,” is what many BG Naysayers would, well… say… in a naying fashion.  However, I would retort back, “You’re right!  But, what’s wrong with that, suckas?!?!?!”  Okay, maybe I wouldn’t use the word, “suckas,” but that’s totally dependent on if any of the said naysayers is bigger and more muscular than me.  Otherwise, I’m puffing out my chest, flexing my arms (and shaking uncontrollably since this isn’t a natural thing to do), and putting the mean mug on.  I sort of say it in jest, but is scoring all Gordon can do?

Round 6, Pick 8: Ben Gordon, SG, Chicago Bulls

Well, sorta.

Understand, that when you’re as prolific a scorer as BG is, one can probably (in a concrete manner) conclude that Gordon shoots well, as in the percentages, and maximizes his points, as in hitting a copious amount of treys.  Naturally, there are many factors to consider, but again, in a “concrete, black and white, Jessica Biel is hot, Ruth Buzzi is not” kind of way, BG should produce solidly in other categories other than points.  Let’s check the past three-years (his whole career, coincidentally) production and look for any trends:

2004-05: 82 G; 24:23 Min; 41.1 FG%; 1.6 3PTM; 86.3 FT%; 2.6 RPG; 2.0 APG; 2.3 TO; 0.7 SPG; 0.1 BPG; 15.1 PPG
2005-06: 80 G; 31:00 Min; 42.2 FG%; 2.1 3PTM; 78.7 FT%; 2.7 RPG; 3.0 APG; 2.3 TO; 0.9 SPG; 0.1 BPG; 16.9 PPG
2006-07: 82 G; 33:00 Min; 45.5 FG%; 1.9 3PTM; 86.4 FT%; 3.2 RPG; 3.6 APG; 3.0 TO; 0.8 SPG; 0.2 BPG; 21.4 PPG

Well, one thing jumps out at me as obvious - considering the limited amount of minutes he gets his burn on the court, Gordon sure can snap the twine a good number of times.  And with the increased minutes per game each season, the scoring has spiked along with it.  Now the question is, why isn’t head coach Scott Skiles playing Gordon more minutes?!?!?!  Inquiring fantasy basketball minds want to know!  In any case, there isn’t too much to complain about in grabbing a 20-point scorer in the sixth round, right?

Now, what about the peripheral stats I mentioned previously for a prolific scorer.  Is the assumption that the shooting percentages and triples-made will be excellent for an excellent scorer prove true?  Well, in this case with Gordon, the answer is yes.  Although it did take a bit of time for Gordon to be proficient from the floor.  However, just like his points production, BG has improved from season-to-season in FG%, which is a very good sign.  His three-pointers made stats are basically even, and what seems like an otherwise percentage during the 05-06 season, Gordon converts his chances from the charity stripe at a very good clip.  So, yes, Gordon can score, but that’s three other categories that he is very solid in.  One dimensional?  Not really.

Looking further at the three-year trends, you’ll see that BG’s rebounds and assists have also improved, which doesn’t mean that he’s gonna become Dwight Howard or Steve Nash, but it does show to some degree that he’s getting comfortable in the league and has confidence in his game, which is a very important part in succeeding in the league.  So, be confident in drafting Gordon because he doesn’t just score… he’s just known for doing it… and doing it… and doing it well.

Along with Dirk Nowitzki and to a lesser degree, Tim Duncan and Chauncey Billups, Gordon adds more scoring punch to the team!  He will shoot better than fellow guard, Raymond Felton, and pick up Felton’s misfirings from the floor.  Gordon’s accuracy from the charity stripe is probably making Duncan smile and Gordon will rain treys along with Dirk, Chauncey, Raymond, and Mr. T, Rasheed Wallace.  The only real shortcoming that BG has is his average amount of steals, but you can’t really ask more from a guard such as Gordon.  Plus, it doesn’t help that Skiles doesn’t start and leave Gordon on the floor.

Thanks, Scott!

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2.8. Tim Duncan, PF/C, San Antonio Spurs
3.5. Chauncey Billups, PG, Detroit Pistons
4.8. Raymond Felton, PG/SG, Charlotte Bobcats
5.5. Rasheed Wallace, PF, Detroit Pistons

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