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Monday October 1, 2007 1:06 pm

Dropping Dimes Mock Draft Blog 2007: Round 4, Pick 12 - Mehmet Okur

Mehmet OkurThanksgiving is a special night
Jimmy Walker used to say Dynomite
That’s right
Turkey with gravy and cranberry
Can’t believe the Mets traded Darryl Strawberry
Turkey for you and
Turkey for me
Can’t believe Tyson
Gave that girl V.D.

White meat, dark meat
You just can’t lose
I fell off my moped
And I got a bruise
Turkey in the oven
And the buns in the toaster
I’ll never take down
My Cheryl Tiegs poster
Wrap the turkey up
In aluminum foil
My brother likes to…draft the Turkish Terror.

Round 4, Pick 12: Mehmet Okur, PF/C, Utah Jazz

This team took a gamble in the second round by pairing All-Everything (aside from free throw shooting) stud LeBron James with Carlos Boozer – a player that should still be playing with James in real life. 

Adding Paul Pierce in the third round should provide solid value at the wing, but with the word that Boozer may or may not be given the center-eligibility, I thought it would be best to lock up on of the top centers in the roto game.  Thankfully, Boozer does have center-eligibility, so this team now has two of the top centers in the roto game.

With the center position being very top-heavy this year almost more than ever, I’m loving 18 points, seven rebounds and even 1.5 three-pointers a game from the c-slot.  While Okur’s field goal percentage leaves a bit to be desired, the fact that Boozer is already on this team and boasts one of the best percentages in the league makes me a bit more comfortable. 

The downside to pairing Boozer and Okur together (aside from the obvious same-team issue) is the lack of blocked shots.  The front-court positions on this squad will either need to address this, or if it is a head-to-head team, possibly just punt the category as a whole. 

Okur was drafted in the fourth round in last season’s mock draft and finished the season with top-50 numbers.  This season, he’ll likely slide down the rankings a bit but a finish at said levels should not be hard to achieve for another season. 

Other Players on this Fantasy Team:
1.1 LeBron James, SF, Cleveland Cavaliers
2.12 Carlos Boozer, PF/C, Utah Jazz
3.1 Paul Pierce, SG/SF, Boston Celtics

Previous Picks this Round
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4.2. Kevin Martin, SG, Sacramento Kings
4.3. Brandon Roy, PG/SG, Portland Trailblazers
4.4. Jason Richardson, SG, Charlotte Bobcats
4.5. Mike Bibby, PG, Sacramento Kings
4.6. Ron Artest, SF, Sacramento Kings
4.7. Josh Howard, SG/SF, Dallas Mavericks
4.8. Raymond Felton, PG/SG, Charlotte Bobcats
4.9. Emeka Okafor, PF/C, Charlotte Bobcats
4.10 Tyson Chandler, C, New Orleans Hornets
4.11 Kevin Durant, SF/PF, Seattle Supersonics

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