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Saturday August 25, 2007 3:21 am

Dropping Dimes Mock Draft 2007 Round 3, Pick 6 - Gerald Wallace

Gerald Wallace is a straight up PIMP!

The Fig Cap: I’m The Don “Magic” Juan of Basketball… Just Call Me Huggy G!

Does anyone maximize their athleticism more than Gerald Wallace?  After only one season at Alabama, Wallace came out early and was drafted by the Kings towards the end of the first round based solely on his jumping jack ability and very raw tools.  Seriously, it’s not like Wallace was lighting it up in college either, averaging less than 10 points and six boards a game, as well as shoot 44% from the field and 57% from the line.  Yeah, that’s pretty ugly.  However, Crash did average over a block and steal a game and he did have that athleticism.

So, why mention all of this?  Well, it seems that that raw nature of Wallace’s game is starting to smooth out, pimp-style!

Last season, Wallace was taken in the same round right at the end, in all likelihood because of the promise he showed the previous season.  However, the thing that makes Wallace most attractive to draft are his steals and blocks, hands down… or I guess in this case, hands up!  Let’s check the stats below, all of which came while playing for the Charlotte Bobcats from Day One of the franchise and Crash’s pimpitude:

2004-05: 70 G; 30:41 Min; 44.9 FG%; 0.2 3PTM; 66.1 FT%; 5.5 RPG; 2.0 APG; 2.3 SPG; 1.7 BPG; 1.3 TO; 11.1 PPG
2005-06: 55 G; 34:30 Min; 53.8 FG%; 0.3 3PTM; 61.4 FT%; 7.5 RPG; 1.8 APG; 1.8 SPG; 2.5 BPG; 2.1 TO; 15.2 PPG
2006-07: 72 G; 36:42 Min; 50.2 FG%; 0.5 3PTM; 69.1 FT%; 7.2 RPG; 2.6 APG; 2.2 SPG; 2.0 BPG; 1.0 TO; 18.1 PPG

Notice the upward trend in scoring and the steady numbers in the hustle stats of boards, steals, and blocks?  Yeah, probably because they stand out like Antonio Fargas wearing a pair of boots with fish tanks for heels... I’m Gonna Get You, Sucka... classic.  In any case, regarding his scoring, with the newly acquired Jason Richardson joining the team, I don’t really expect the scoring trend to move upward since J-Rich is a proven scorer in the league and will in all likelihood be the go-to guy on offense.  However, Wallace will still get it done, especially with some of the heat of the defense going towards Richardson.  Afterall, Wallace gets his points because of his hustle and athleticism (man, have I mentioned this enough?).

Regarding percentages, Wallace should remain in the 50% zone since most of shots are close to the rim and, if the fantasy basketball gods should deem him worthy, hopefully the conversion rate from the charity stripe improves from last season’s close to 70% mark.  However, the three-year trend is so erratic, who knows?  In any case, I would think that the boards dip a bit because Richardson is one of the better rebounding guards in the league and I’m sure he’s bound to take some away from Wallace.  There is an increase in triples made from season-to-season, but it’s so minute, it doesn’t matter much. 

What does matter though are those hard to come by rock rips and rejections.  Combining Crash with J-Smooth, Josh Smith (a combo that repeats itself from last season when Alvin took both players back-to-back), pretty much puts those categories on lock with just those two players.  Remembering that Agent Zero is pretty darn good and swiping the pill himself, I can almost guarantee that the steals category will be won every week in H2H matchups OR get the most points in Roto leagues at the end of the season.  And considering the Swagger Factor on this team with Arenas, Smith, and Wallace, no doubt, the team name has to be, Straight Pimpin’.

Yo, where my money at…

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