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Sunday August 19, 2007 4:48 pm

Dropping Dimes Mock Draft 2007 Round 3, Pick 2 - Marcus Camby

Marcus Camby Winces in Pain… what else is new?

It’s no secret that Marcus Camby gets hurt.  A lot.  Make that A LOT!  However, last season, Camby showed up, dressed in his uni, and took the floor to actually play a game and not do his best Richard Simmons impersonation and only cheer his teammates on.  Nope, Camby Man did his thing and played a very respectable (for him, amazing) 70 games.  Now the question is, can he do it again?  Can Camby actually be all that he can be, blocking and boarding like there’s no tomorrow because there just might not be?  I’m taking the risk with this pick at this point of the draft and going all in thinking that he can.  All I can say is thank goodness I don’t have any money on this bet, but I just can’t resist the talent and big-time upside!

Round 3, Pick 1: Marcus Camby, C, Denver Nuggets

They don’t grow double-double players on trees and getting one the caliber of Camby, who has the potential to lead the NBA in both rebounds and blocks, AND at the very NOT deep center position you have to take a gamble somewhere around the third round if he’s still there.  In the past three years, Camby is at about 11 boards and three rejections a game with the added bonus of double digit scoring, very good percentages, especially considering the dearth of centers who can make half their free throws from a shooting violation.  Add in the dimes production from the five position and Camby is looking attractive… as a player to draft, folks… as a player to draft!  In any case, check the numbers below if you don’t believe a word I just said.

2004-05: 66 G; 30:30 Min; 46.5 FG%; 0.0 3PTM; 72.3 FT%; 10.0 RPG; 2.3 APG; 1.6 TO; 0.9 SPG; 3.0 BPG; 10.4 PPG
2005-06: 56 G; 33:12 Min; 46.5 FG%; 0.0 3PTM; 71.2 FT%; 11.9 RPG; 2.1 APG; 1.6 TO; 1.4 SPG; 3.3 BPG; 12.8 PPG
2006-07: 70 G; 33:47 Min; 47.3 FG%; 0.0 3PTM; 72.9 FT%; 11.7 RPG; 3.2 APG; 1.7 TO; 1.2 SPG; 3.3 BPG; 11.2 BPG

Okay, now the bad part about the numbers above - 66 G; 56 G; 70 G.  Like I’ve mentioned before, the games missed is not a good thing and in the past three seasons, Camby has missed 54 games total or the same amount of games he played in one of the past three seasons.  Durability will be the key to Camby’s value and unfortunately, he’s going to be one of those “hit or miss” type draft gambits.  You know what he can do, but you don’t know how often he’ll get to do it.

In any case, another part of the reason I took Camby here was the fact that on this team, I already have two very strong point producers in Kobe Bryant and Ray Allen.  Along with that, the duo will be strong in triples, the percentages, and steals.  So, it made sense for me to try to get a big man and not worry about getting one that scores.  Rebounds and blocks were my focus and Camby Man delivers in those categories in a big way.  Honestly, you have to be happy if he plays 65 games and absolutely ecstatic if he repeats last year’s number of 70 games played.  If Camby plays 82 games, something is misaligned in the universe.  Or pigs are flying.  Or hell froze over.  Or…

You get the idea.

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