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Tuesday July 8, 2008 9:39 am

About Corey Maggette

Corey Maggette While Bill Plaschke pours his heart out to Elton Brand in L.A. and Golden State fans are still hoping they’re just in a bad dream, the rest of the NBA is looking at the rest of the free agent pool - with one of the bigger names out there being a former Clipper in Corey Maggette

Magg’s fantasy value has always been in his scoring efforts as well as his contributions in terms of efficiency.  One of the better free throw shooters in the league, Maggette typically finds a way to get to the rack or cash in from the stripe if hindered.  Never much of a rebounder or defender..or three-point shooter for that matter… some have been a bit touchy with drafting someone that could only help in select categories.

But this value may be on the rise (or the fall) depending on where Maggette lands…

Three of the biggest rumored teams in the Maggette sweepstakes are the Celtics, Spurs and Cavaliers.  I’ve seen Detroit’s name tossed out there, but there are also teams like Golden State that have a lot more money to offer.

Maggette has stated that he’s willing to trade money for wins, and he would have to do just that if he went to one of the above mentioned teams save the Warriors, as he is being pursued with MLE-type offers.  If he were to land in Cleveland or Golden State, his value would be at worst what it was with the Clippers.  He would still be counted on to score - a lot. 

However, a trip to Boston, San Antonio or Detroit would not mean good things for fantasy value.  He would more than likely be coming off of the bench for each of those three teams, and would be relegated to about 25 minutes per night at best.  Think James Posey/Michael Finley minutes.  Enough to garner late-round drafting, but far from the early-to-mid round selection that he once was.

Similar to the rest of the FA banter, keep an eye on this one… 



Maggette to the Spurs woulda been really interesting, but I guess it’s all moot cuz sources say he’s signing with the Warriors with a 5 year/$50 million deal. Can’t blame him, that’s serious money talking.

On the fantasy front, this is the best possible ending for Maggette. With Baron and Pietrus gone, he could be the team’s leading scorer, and although Sarge correctly points out his fantasy deficiencies, he scores a lot and gets to the line, which is an asset in certain leagues.


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