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Tuesday January 9, 2007 10:54 am

Dropping Dimes On The Daily: January 9, 2007

Sam CassellDropping Dimes On The Daily is all about me looking at the previous night’s performances and mentioning those that did pretty goodly and those that did pretty badly.  Goodly is a word, right?  Anyway, this will be a quick look around the league, so don’t expect a ton of text, just some daily fantasy basketball goodness!!!  Please note that this is the fantasy basketball section of ElevationMag.com’s Daily Top Picks.  Check it out and see your daily rumors, quotes, headlines, and facts!  But read the fantasy section HERE!

The Fig Cap: Yeah, it’s about to get ugly up in this league again because I’M BACK!

Okay, folks, my bad.  I pulled a big-time move and decided to stay on the bench yesterday instead of getting some burn on the court.  I apologize.  But, at least I’m not pulling a Michael Redd and missing four to six weeks with a left knee injury!  Man, can ANYONE stay healthy this season?  In a shallow league, I have both Redd, Rashard Lewis, and Josh Smith.  I’m hating my luck in that league right now… So, who will step up in Redd’s absence?  If last night was any indication, it’s going to be Ruben Patterson who finished with 29 points on 13-for-21 shooting.  But, don’t sleep on Charlie Bell who only had eight points last night and even Ersan Ilyasova is an option in deep leagues as he scored 15 points… Another Buck who had a crappy game, Mo Williams (nine points), will also reap the benefits of Redd going to the pine… Personally speaking, can I tell him to WALK IT OFF!!!

Well, it looks like T-Mac ain’t playing - six straight games of 30+ points… Oh dip!  A Sam “I Am” Cassell sighting!  After missing about three weeks, Cassell dropped 31 points in his first game back, coming off the bench.  If you’re a concerned Shaun Livingston owner, don’t sweat it.  Cassell is old, has a heel injury that will nag him for the whole season, and Livingston is too talented to sit on the pine… Ben Gordon is quietly putting up 20+ points on the regular and would make a nice trade target… So would Luol Deng… My favorite line of the night - Dikembe Mutombo with two points on 1-for-1 shooting from the field and 16 boards in 26 minutes of play… Camby is a MONSTER in the box!!!  Mr. Rail Thin Arms pulled down 15 boards and told seven shots to get the hell out of his house!!!... Early Boykins double-dipped with 26 points and 11 dime drops.  I feel bad for the little guy since he’ll probably get the shaft when J.R. Smith and Carmelo Anthony return.  Unless, of course, he gets traded, which should keep his fantasy value high… What’s going on with Kirk Hinrich?  The Bulls PG only scored two points on 1-for-11 shooting in 37 minutes.  You’re telling me Mount Mutombo was more efficient on offense than Kirk?  Quick, someone check to see if hell froze over… Til next time!



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