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Thursday October 26, 2006 10:12 am

Dropping Dimes Draft Blog: Round 7, Pick 7

Chris Wilcox dunking on Tim Duncan

Well I picked this guy in the seventh round of the Dropping Dimes Experts League. so it seems only right that I call on the player again here as we all look forward to the start of the season on Halloween!

Round 7, Pick 7: Chris Wilcox, PF/C, Seattle SuperSonics

Granted Nick Collison is outplaying Chris Wilcox in the pre-season. Fantasy-wise Wilcox should still be the player who holds more value overall. Looking at the roster of this team so far, it is inevitable that Marcus Camby will need some injury time off. Thus with two proven point-guard eligible stars (Gilbert Arenas and Joe Johnson), two center-eligible players (Tim Duncan and the aforementioned Camby) and two versatile players in Andre Iguodala and Charlie Villanueva, I feel I have the flexibility to fortify my center position.

Certainly the front-court in Seattle looks crowded. In addition to Collison, Robert Swift and Johan Petro are on the roster. It seems the Emerald City has been stockpiling tall guys for years looking for the second coming of Hakeem Olajuwan. Wilcox will not make fantasy owners forget about the Dream, but a solid 13-14 points and 8-9 boards can be had. And a modest one block a game will add to the dominance that TD and Camby provide in this category.

In the coming rounds, I would look to add one or two more starting point guards, and another proven rebounder to the team. And I would probably look to pick guys that have solid FT% to try and cover for that hole in Duncan’s game.

In general fantasy owners tend to concentrate on the early rounds. And so mock first rounds like this get a lot of hits. But any seasoned fantasy player knows that it is the middle rounds that tend to separate the contenders from the pretenders. Make the right call with guys like Wilcox, and assuming your early picks stay healthy, a championship may be in your cards. Good luck.

Other Team Members:

1.7. Gilbert Arenas, PG, Washington Wizards
2.6. Tim Duncan, PF/C, San Antonio Spurs
3.7. Joe Johnson, PG/SG, Atlanta Hawks
4.6. Marcus Camby, C, Denver Nuggets
5.7. Andre Iguodala, SG/SF, Philadelphia 76ers
6.6 Charlie Villanueva, SF/PF, Milwaukee Bucks



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