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Monday October 9, 2006 1:19 am

Dropping Dimes Draft Blog: Round 6, Pick 3

Troy MurphyRound 6, Pick 3: Troy Murphy, PF, Golden State Warriors

At first glance, it may come off as me having a thing for incredibly tall, white guys.  However, that’s not exactly the case.  For a squad that has the guard positions locked down, but does not exactly have the three-point gunners that I’d prefer to have with a small-ball team, what better available big man to acquire than Troy Murphy? 

I took a heavy gamble on Murphy in several leagues a few years back.  Yea, the one where he played less than 30 games with a bum foot.  That one.  However, after two straight seasons of over 70 games, I think it’s safe to say that the guy is fully healed.  Oh, and have I mentioned the new head coach in Golden State?  Not drawing comparisons here, but the last power forward to play full-time Nellie ball wasn’t exactly too shabby.

Most fantasy owners prefer to have a solid field goal percentage along with a few blocks from their power forward.  In fact, I’m usually one of them.  However, if I’m sitting in the middle rounds with such a solid back court to go along with two of the best centers in the fantasy world, adding a power forward that hits the long ball almost 60 times a season sits pretty with me.

Murphy is a double-double threat every night, and doesn’t even turn the ball over one and a half times a game.  He stays out of foul trouble, which is huge for post players and enables him to consistently log his 34 minutes a game. 

If this is a head-to-head league, I continue to rack up the solid small-ball contributors. If it’s a rotisserie league, I’m a block-specialist away from 9-category production.  Murphy can be considered by many to be a four-category player, but I see him as a great fit for this already solid team.

Looking at the teams already created, I struggle to find one that can top this team each week in assists, steals and free throw percentage.  I’ll take a three-cat spot each week…thank you all very much.  Look for me to attack my “weaknesses” soon…

Other Team Members:

1.10. Chris Paul, PG, New Orleans Hornets
2.3. Steve Nash, PG, Phoenix Suns
3.10. Brad Miller, C, Sacramento Kings
4.3. Mehmet Okur, PF/C, Utah Jazz
5.10 Manu Ginobili, SG, San Antonio Spurs



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