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Sunday September 24, 2006 3:17 pm

Dropping Dimes Draft Blog: Round 4, Pick 6

Marcus CambyWow, am I really making this pick? REALLY? I have never, EVER picked this guy on any real team. He is an intriguing player while he is on the court, but how long does he ever stay on the court? Somebody stop me! Wait, it’s too late? No take-backs? No one ever said there were no take-backs in this draft?! Oh well…

Round 4, Pick 6: Marcus Camby, C, Denver Nuggets

Let us keep this short and sweet. We all know Camby can be a gorilla-like beast, Optimus Primal-style, when he is 100%. He crashes the boards, he rejects shots like a fly-swatter slams flies and he shoots at a high percentage. Unfortunately Camby is 100% maybe 3% of the time.

He will never play 82 games in a season. Heck, he will never play 70 games in a season. But you knew this upon inspection before paying for this house. The problem with Camby is not only does he miss extended time due to major injuries every year, he also tends to DNP unexpectedly. This makes setting a full roster a colossal headache; do you play Camby with the risk that he does not lace ‘em up at all? Or do you bench him and run the risk of him suiting up after all, and grabbing 20 boards and blocking 7 shots.

The two center slots are throwing me off a bit here. Having thought it over (while I should have been thinking about what to buy my mom for her birthday, I might add), I think this is the best kind of scenario to ante up on Camby. On this team, he is not my #1 center. He backs up Tim Duncan. This gives me the luxury of 5-6 blocks a game from these two, or somewhere between 18-22 blocks a week on average. As long as the rest of my team swats one measly shot for the entire week, I have a winning ticket in this category. Even at 50 games of 3-plus blocks, Camby is a big-time contributor for roto teams. At least while he is out indefinitely, you can sub in someone else. His injuries hurt more in head-to-head play.

This team has two centers who do what big men in the middle should do (FG%, rebs, blks) and two gunners in Gilbert Arenas and Joe Johnson. I can see the pull of grabbing centers that “don’t hurt you” like Sarge does, but when it comes down to it, there are not many guys like that out there.

Other team members:

1.7. Gilbert Arenas
2.6. Tim Duncan
3.7. Joe Johnson

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