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Monday September 25, 2006 3:26 pm

Dropping Dimes Draft Blog: Round 4, Pick 9

Jason Terry Round 4, Pick 9: Jason Terry, PG, Dallas Mavericks

With the forward positions taken care of in a very nice fashion (Garnett and Lewis), along with a solid all-around center in Rasheed Wallace, I decided that it was time to tackle one of the guard positions.  Jason Terry may not lead the league in any categories, might not have a shoe you’ll recognize from the sidewalk, or even make an appearance on MTV’s Cribs… but you know what he does have? 

Three words:  Nationally.  Televised.  Games. 

You’re probably saying, “Sarge, what the HECK are you talking about?”

Well, allow me to share my thoughts…

In head-to-head leagues, games played is a HUGE deal.  Some guys being health concerns weigh a little less in fantasy terms than guys that will put in a solid 80 games.  Some stream the free agent list to optimize this, but to them I say, “Cheater!”

What you CAN use to your advantage is the NBA’s television schedule.  See, the NBA likes to have the “big” games of the week be the only games that people can tune into during the season.  Typically, these games fall on Mondays (NBATV) and Thursdays (TNT).  Now, while the rest of your roster is playing during the rest of the week, wouldn’t it be nice to have a roster with guys that play on the ‘off’ nights? 

The Mavericks have 32… yes, 32 nationally televised games this year.  That’s more than a third of their schedule!  Now, while all games aren’t on Mondays and Thursdays, Terry owners get to play their full rosters during the week, and STILL get Terry on the low-volume nights… AND get to watch him work his magic, with a little dose of Charles Barkley mixed in every once in a while.  What more could you ask for?

Oh, I guess I can add in that he averaged 17 points, four assists, two 3PTM’s, with solid percentages (47% FG and 80% FT), while turning the ball over less than 2 times a game.  Not too shabby either….

The Other Pieces of the Puzzle:

While the assist totals on this squad might be lacking (for now), you have a team that features one of the best rebounders in the league anchoring three of the most well-rounded players in the fantasy world.  I dare to label Wallace, Lewis, and Terry underrated at some points, as other owners favor the possibility for upside.  I’ll take consistency and all-around production.  They each have incredibly solid percentages, hit the long ball, and will never kill you in any category. 

Other Team Members:

1.4. Kevin Garnett, SF/PF, Minnesota Timberwolves
2.9. Rasheed Wallace, PF/C, Detroit Pistons
3.4. Rashard Lewis, SF, Seattle Supersonics



Good, pick but you don’t have a C now with Sheed having lost his C-eligibilty :(

Yeah, I noticed that too. ‘Sheed is PF only this year in Yahoo. Although he could certainly regain center eligibility as the season wears on.

I like the analysis of the TV schedule, Sarge. Well done!


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