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Wednesday August 23, 2006 12:43 pm

Dropping Dimes Draft Blog: Round 1, Pick 10

Description If anything, this pick shows how much debate can be had about the 10th pick in the first round.  After the top tier guys are taken, owners that land this draft slot can either take a Risk/Reward approach, or make a slight reach on a safer selection.  My decision came down to, do I think Andrei Kirilenko will play more than 60 games this year?  Is Yao Ming going to be 100%?  Can Allen Iverson keep up his warrior-type play, and still be there for me come playoffs? 

If any of these questions were answered with “maybe,” it isn’t something I’m willing to tag a first round draft pick on.  Since this is pretty much the case for all three of the aforementioned players, I’m going with talent, upside, and pure “studliness.”

Round 1, Pick 10: Chris Paul (PG-NO) 

The New Orleans Hornets franchise was just another entity that was forced to become transient after the decimation that was Hurricane Katrina.  While many fans of New Orleans sports look at Reggie Bush as a “gift” to the city, these same fans have no idea what is in store for a full season on the hardwood.

Depending on your scoring system, Paul most likely finished in the top-15 last season.  Among a few notable category finishes, Paul finished last season fifth in assists, first in steals, and sixth in assist-to-turnover ratio…as a rookie.  Add in a modest scoring total, and incredible rebound numbers for a point guard, and you have yourself one heck of a talent that can only get better. 

To finish in the top-5 in assists is one thing.  To do it when your main weapons are David West, Desmond Mason and P.J. Brown is a completely different story.  Couple this with the recent additions of Peja Stojakovic and Tyson Chandler, along with a full season of experience, and I have no reason to believe why Chris Paul can’t at least duplicate what he did last season.

This kid may only chalk up as 6’0”, 175 lbs… but this kid also has what it takes to anchor your point-guard slot this fantasy season.  I have no issues with taking Chris Paul 10th overall in this draft.

Next up, Pick #11.

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Four Twenty, setting up shop and back in da house here at Dropping Dimes…wicked, man.

To answer your question, I don’t necessarily target certain categories in the 1st two rounds, but I do try to look for players who are somewhat complementary. Sarge’s logic on not reaching for a risky pick in round 1 makes a ton of sense.

It is a good idea to support your main star’s strengths, especially in h2h. Don’t waste Paul’s steals and dimes by coupling him with a guard who does neither, for example. In roto, you can’t really punt any category, so there is the strategy of using your next pick to cover some of your #1 pick’s weaknesses.

see, in roto, i think kirilenko is a better selection than in H2H (which i shouldve noted) due to him not hurting you as much when he’s not able to play…

i don’t exactly target certain cats either, but i do try to find compliments throughout…similar to whom i hope falls to 2.12 to pair up with LBJ…


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