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Oliver Nome Could Use a Hand

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Kiani by Oliver Nome

The life of a freelancer is never easy, but when you’re young and ailing and in financial difficulty, it can suddenly be just awful.

Artist Oliver Nome, a highly regarded comics artist, is having a medical crisis and could use a helping hand. Blog @ Newsarama’s Graeme McMillan has the details and if you can spare it, I can’t think of a better cause.

[Artwork: by Oliver Nome, from his DeviantArt page]


Cartoonists Northwest & Shon Bury

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NoxIf you happen to be in the Seattle area on Saturday, May 19, consider dropping by Artist & Craftsman Supply on 8th Ave.

My pal, Shon Bury, will be the guest speaker at this month’s meeting of Cartoonists Northwest from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. The deets are at the link below.

In addition to his freelance writing career, (which includes creating WildStorm’s Black Ops with Jim Lee and Dan Norton; working with Colleen Doran on Marvel’s Power Pack; writing for Superman Adventures and Cable), and his self-publishing career (the original graphic novel Nox) Shon is the founder and pres of Space Goat Productions, the full-service production studio that supplies Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Boom! and many other publishers with art and colors.

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Comic Book Jobs: DC Comics San Diego

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ScannerDo you know your way around a scanner? If you do, then DC Comics has an opening for you in their San Diego office.

They're looking for a Digital Production Clerk in their Production Department.

This would be the former Wildstorm office that will eventually move to Burbank at some point.

You'll be scanning comic book pages from line art, film and printed pages and color images on flatbed and copydot scanners.

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Comic Book Jobs: DC Comics (6 Jobs!)

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Green Lantern Plastic ManFrom New York to Burbank to San Diego, DC Comics continues to put their employment puzzle together.

They’ve just put up a huge list of jobs this week -- six of them, in fact. And some of them might be in your wheelhouse.

Publicity Manager (New York): You’ll be working in DC’s Marketing Department, executing “public relations projects" and providing “daily content for company news blogs.”

Executive Assistant #1 (New York): This one is for the DC Marketing department. “Move tomorrow’s 11 am to 10, change my flight from Burbank to San Diego, pick up Mrs. Executive some flowers when you’re getting my dry cleaning, scramble the PR team to spin our new crossover Final Crisis Women In Refrigerators, and order in some Pad Thai. It’s going to be a long night.”

Executive Assistant #2 (Burbank): You’ll be working for the DCE Sales Marketing and Business Development department. They’ll probably make you fight Executive Assistant #1, and then kiss.


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Wildstorm: Gen 13 #1 @ 299,000 Copies (1995)

Gen 13 #1Wildstorm – the once-formidable imprint of DC Comics - is officially shutting down this month and that makes me sad.

I have friends who work there (many of whom I'm happy to say are staying on to work for the corporate parent), but I was also present at its fairly official formation.

I was sitting in Marc Silvestri's beachfront apartment in Malibu, attending a meeting of the Image founders while they were putting together what would become Image Comics. I was there as a representative of Malibu Comics along with Malibu Publisher Dave Olbrich and Editor-In-Chief Chris Ulm.

Image was represented by Silvestri, Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane, Erik Larsen, Jim Valentino, Jim Lee, and Whilce Portacio. Hank Kanalz was also there. He was Rob's co-writer on the soon-to-be published Youngblood #1, and years later eventually became the head of Wildstorm. (I have a photo of Hank videotaping the meeting so there's archival footage lurking somewhere.)

Dave and Rob had known each other for years, and if you corner Dave at a convention, he can tell you the story of how Malibu nearly published a version of Youngblood #1 years before the formation of Image, and before Rob started working for Marvel.

Image had scheduled several meetings at the beach that day and Malibu Comics was the first one. The publisher of Wizard, Gareb Shamus, would later drop by, as would Harold Anderson from Anderson News, the newsstand distributor.

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Red: Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner

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Gee, what movie should I see this weekend?

I could, of course, see Jackass 3-D because you can never see enough footage of people getting kicked in the balls. And in 3-D it might feel like I'm doing the kicking.

Hereafter looks cool, and I'll get around to seeing that shortly. Conviction has that kind of mid-October Oscar bait feel to it, where everyone is suicidal or finds salvation through tragedy or suffers from a tragic disease yet still finds time to teach us about life. But I'm not falling for that this weekend.

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