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Comic Book Jobs: Viz Media Interns!

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One Piece 60Do you love the manga? I know, who doesn’t right?

If you’d like to work for the well-established gang at Viz (the Naruto people), there still appear to be openings in their 2012 intern program, for those of you in the San Francisco area.

They have opportunities in many departments: Animation Production, Design, Editorial, Information Technology, Magazines, Marketing, Online and Publishing Licensing.

Some of the positions require interns to be “able to speak, read and write in English and Japanese.”

And all applicants should be aware that they “may be subjected to work-related content such as: sexually explicit images, nudity, and graphic violence. Applicants should be willing to work with this type of content. VIZ Media does not condone the viewing of this content where not work-related.”

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Comic Book Jobs: Viz Media Interns

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Naruto1Interning is a great way to pick up some business skills while you’re in school and get some college credit. Interning at a publishing company is a great way to figure out if you have any interest in getting involved in the business that helps you clutter up your bookshelves with books and your iPads with downloads.

Acclaimed manga publisher and anime company Viz Media, in San Francisco, is taking applications for their 2011 Spring Intern program and there’s no time like the present to get those applications in.

Viz has part-time internships available in a variety of departments including: Animation Production; Consumer Marketing; Consumer Products & Approvals; Design Intern; Editorial; Information Technology; Magazines; Publishing Licensing; Sales & Retail Development; and Web Production.

But those positions won't last for long, so brush up the resume with all your Starbucks and McDonald's experience and get it over there.

Good luck, internship seekers!

[Artwork: Naruto, from Viz Media]

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British Comics: Get Your Viz On

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Viz 1You know what you’ve always wanted to see? Your favorite comic book creator doing his one-man comedy show. How awesome would it be to hear Boom’s Ross Richie do 15 minutes on the future of the Direct Market at The Comedy Store? Or Joe Quesada as the warm-up guy for the Eisner Awards? Or perhaps Diane Nelson’s musings on the differences between New York and Los Angeles?

Well, that doesn’t happen in America. We leave our comedy to the non-comic book people like Carrot Top or Dane Cook. The British, however, don’t have that tradition. Coming up on July 23 and 24, those of you in England will have a chance to hear British comics creator Simon Donald’s stories and one-liners.

Who’s Simon Donald? He’s the founder of the British comedy magazine, Viz. It’s a two-part show, focusing on his wacky family growing up and the birth “of the national treasure that is Viz.”

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Comic Book Jobs: Who’s Hiring? Reed, Marvel and Tokyopop!

Captain America are tough to get, even when the economy is running along smoothly. Now that we’re still in the middle of a deep recession with a large number of folks unemployed for quite some time, it’s even harder. Still, there are a few places for resume senders to send a resume.

Reed Exhibitions, the nemesis of Gareb Shamus, is looking for a Sales Executive for their ReedPop group. No, that isn’t some kind of mid-Western cola, it’s their Comic and Anime division that caters to “fans of comics, anime, movies/tv, video games, action sports, mixed martial arts, food and toys.”

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Weekend Reading: Vertical, Fantastic Four, Cowboys & Aliens and Lost

AnthroHappy holiday weekend for those of us in the US who love a long weekend, some grilled meat and a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon. And since there’s no football game, you can spend that extra time surfing the internet. Here are some links to fill the game-less void:

Vertical: Given the significant changes at manga publishers Viz (massive layoffs) and CMX (DC shuttered the division), it’s interesting to read about someone with a little different take on events. Rod Lott at Bookgasm has a chat with Ed Chavez at Vertical (publishers of Osamu Tezuka’s Black Jack, among other things). “While I will always say there is plenty of grade-A material to license from Japan available, access to those properties has become quite limited over the last three to four years. I find it curious that this lack of competition has occurred during the recent decline of the U.S. manga market.”

Steve Perry: The death of the Thundercats and Timespirits writer is just about the saddest way for a comic book creator to go. Johnny Bacardi exchanged correspondence with him recently, but I don’t want to spoil his story, except to say that it’s one you’ll want to read.

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Comic Book Jobs: Who’s Hiring? Viz Media

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Bleach 362Viz, the publishers of Shonen Jump, Bleach, One Piece, Dragonball Z and Naruto (and tons of other great manga and anime projects) is looking for a Purchasing & Logistics Coordinator to join their Finance team!

Could that be you? It could be if you have experience in “purchasing and/or supply-chain-management” and “experience in Print/Optical Disc/Home Entertainment Product Packaging procurement” and “knowledge of competitive and lawful bidding and awarding requirements” and you understand the “regulatory factors governing purchasing such as UCC, antitrust laws and ethical principles.” I need a translator for almost everything you just read, but if you don’t, pop that resume over.

The chosen one will assist Viz’s Director of Purchasing with “establishing, communicating, and maintaining company-wide purchasing policies and procedures” so you won’t just be following orders, you’ll be tracking purchasing orders through the system.

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Comic Book Jobs: Who’s Hiring? Viz!

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UltimoSan Francisco is a really nice city. It’s easy to get around in, has a vibrant arts culture, and excellent food. Also, home to Dashiell Hammett, one of the great American writers and Wondercon one of the best of the regional conventions.

You know who else is there? Viz Media, the publishers of Naruto and Shonen Jump.

And now the manga publisher by the bay is looking for a Royalty Financial Analyst. That does not mean you’ll be counting and investing the Queen’s money, but does mean you’ll be on the Viz Finance Team.

You’re going to need some “solid math skills” (well, duh), an ability to “think in an analytical fashion” and you’re going to need those Japanese bilingual skills to even get in the door.

You’ll be using these mad skillz to compile, prepare and review royalty reports, review licensing agreements “to ensure compliance,” process data, report to licensors and licensees, and all that fun accounting stuff. Sadly, an interest in comic books, publishing, manga, anime, etc. is not listed as a requirement, but on the plus side it’s not being put out there as a detriment either.

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Comic Book Jobs: Who’s Hiring? Viz And Not Viz!

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NarutoOver in the city by the bay (that’s San Francisco for you rubes in the audience), Viz Media (publisher of Shonen Jump, Naruto and a whole lot more) is looking for a Bilingual Japanese/English Collateral Coordinator. That sounds like a job you get at a bank your first year out of college, but it’s much better than that.

It’s an opportunity to join Viz’s Sales & Product Marketing team. If you know your manga, can fluently read/write/and speak in both English and Japanese, can translate, and have some graphic design experience, there’s an English/Japanese desk with your name on it.
Lots of duties come with the new job including logistics, timelines, tracking and trafficking. Some of them—like drafting promotional copy and working with licensors in Japan sound like high points indeed. As does the part about occasional travel, both domestic and international. Wonder where they’ll send you…

Of course, there are some minimal physical requirements: you must be able to: “lift and carry materials weighing up to 20 pounds, kneeling, bending. Approximately 70 percent of time spent on the job involves use of a video display terminal. Must be able to sit for extended periods and to utilize standard ergonomics practices.” So, probably not for the average Justice League fan.

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You know what it’s like. Fall is here, you’re clenching your college degree in one hand and a Stoli in the other and you’ve pretty much wasted the summer since graduation. You’ve read some comics, commented on some blog sites, maybe even gone to this year’s Comic Con International. But now it’s the fall and people are starting to wonder if you’re ever going to put that expensive college education to good use so your parents can start bragging about the ROI they’re getting for their cash.

Wonder no more, because if you’re interested in a job in the funny book industry, they have jobs for you. Well, some of you. And you might need more than just a college education. But still. A job in a sputtering economy based around a stepchild of the dying tree-based publishing industry is still pretty good to find, right?

Read on, then, for a few surprise opportunities at places like Viz (the manga people in San Francisco), Disney (the Empire of the Mouse), Astro City (no, seriously) and a Texas-based company where the cowboy hat might be optional.

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BRITISH COMICS: Viz 187, The Fat Slags and Elton John

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Now this is comedy, but it’s not for children. This is funny stuff for adults who need a few giggles over bodily functions, naughty words, and sexual situations. Viz #187 (August 2009) has a lot of great strips featuring The Fat Slags, The Drunken Bakers, Mr. Logic, Biffa Bacon and Cedric Soft, Aesop’s Cables (with a heartwarming fable about his bathroom habits), and a “super-hero” called The Brown Bottle who derives his courage from drinking a six-pack. PC Hubble and PC Bubble are two cops who take their jobs very seriously in a humorous 2009 abuse of power way. Even the girls of St. Bridget’s School get into the act when they find a man – an “inconsequential piece of celebrity flotsam” - in the backyard and try to keep him as a pet.

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