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The Next Train To Clarkesworld

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ClarkesworldNeil Clarke is the editor of a nifty sci-fi magazine called Clarkesworld.

The current issue - #74 - features fiction from E. Catherine Tobler, Maggie Clark and Brooke Wonders, and all kinds of other sci-fi goodies.

Neil’s found himself in a bit of a scrape - a bad personal year has put the finances of the magazine at risk.

He explains it better at his blog, but if you love the sci-fi and want to help keep a progressive (and paying) market viable, there are some opportunities to help out and get rewarded with quality readable stuff.

[Artwork: Clarkesworld]

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Comic Book Jobs: Star Wars

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Knight Errant AflameLucas Licensing, that tiny little division of the massive Star Wars empire, is looking for a new Emperor, I mean, Senior Editor.

You'll be "responsible for all aspects of development, editing and approvals for the adult fiction and comics program." Sound great yet?

There's more, of course, by why bother reading when you could be dropping your resume over there Right. This. Second.

Here's some more in case you're not convinced yet: "Creatively develop new storylines for Star Wars fiction/comics to maintain and grow our readership."

Or how about this: "Work with publishers and Publishing team to identify appropriate writers and/or illustrators for each project."

You'll need some education, of course, and at least "5-7 years of publishing experience and 3-5 years as an editor" but that is nothing compared to your nerd cred: "Solid knowledge and demonstrated interest in Lucasfilm brands" and "solid knowledge of SW fiction (expanded universe)."

Good luck, job seekers!

[Artwork: Knight Errant: Aflame, a new trade paperback from Dark Horse, coming in August and © Lucasfilm]