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Quote Of The Day: Dan DiDio

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Hellblazer 53

"I am getting a number of messages and notes on the cancellation of Hellblazer. This was not an easy decision and I'd like to say there is a natural conclusion to the Constantine storyline in the Hellblazer series. Number 300 will be as special as you would expect it to be. Hellblazer's had a long and incredibly successful run and that's a tip of the hat to all the great creators that have worked on the book over the years. The new Constantine series will return him back to his roots in the DCU and hopefully be the start of another incredible run. Thanks for all your thoughts and support. Best, DD"

- Dan DiDio addresses fanboy outrage at the cancellation of Hellblazer (posted on his Facebook wall)

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[Artwork: Hellblazer, © DC Comics]

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The New 52: Out And About

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The Authority

According to news reports, Dan DiDio at DC has announced that one of their major characters will soon come out as gay. Apollo and Midnighter could not be reached for comment.

[Artwork: Apollo and Midnighter from The Authority, © DC Comics]

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Quote Of The Day: Dan DiDio on Before Watchmen

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Before Watchmen

"I hope he looks at them with an open mind and a chance to understand this is a love letter to what he created, and more importantly that the strength of his work is allowing other people to grow and tell other stories which will hopefully inspire other creators along the way. In the way he was inspired by the creators when he was younger, we're hoping these ideas and these books are inspiring new people, so that we continue to grow the comics business as a whole."

- Dan DiDio on Alan Moore and Before Watchmen

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[Artwork: Before Watchmen, not by Alan Moore and © DC Comics]

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A Marvelution Flashback

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Marvel HandbookUnless you’ve been living in a hole for the past week or infected with a Zombie virus that’s harmed your brain, you’re aware that DC Entertainment has made a significant restructuring move in their executive suite and put a team of 5 people in charge - Dan Didio, Geoff Johns, Pat Caldon, John Rood and Jim Lee - to replace the outgoing Paul Levitz.

The internets abound with excellent coverage and analysis. One of the best pieces is from Heidi McDonald who lands a short interview with Diane Nelson, the head of DC Entertainment who put the team together.

Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter runs through some very worthwhile bullet points in a “fingers crossed” sort of way.

And Dirk Deppey, no fan of the outgoing Paul Levitz, is optimistic about the new DC Team-Up.

I’m reminded of a time many years ago when Marvel Comics went on a buying spree that included the acquisitions of Panini, Fleer and Malibu Comics and culminated with the buying of Heroes World to be Marvel’s sole distributor. Under different circumstances, they also put a team of 5 in place as editorial shopkeepers. They called it “Marvelution.” A similar, “clever” phrase has yet to be made from DC’s name. “No Fear” might somehow stick in some way, but I think someone else already has that trademark. “High Five” is getting some play over at Bleeding Cool. And maybe if the DC gang do well, someone will tag them “The Superior Five.”

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