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Weekend Reading: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Doctor Strange, Alan Moore and Ward Kimball

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It's beginning to look a lot like the holiday season is fast approaching, yet every day is a holiday on the internets.

If you were going to cast the Doctor Strange movie, and want to argue about it, you could do that at Longbox Graveyard where Paul O’Connor, Chris Ulm and I layout a scenario.

JT Lindroos at Bookgasm looks at a chunk of UK graphic novels to add to your holiday shopping list: Tank Girl, Rogue Trooper, and Torpedo.

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Comic Book Jobs: DC Thomson

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The Dandy 3519Is this a look into the future of publishing?

Everyone knows that there are a lot of business models that corporate print media is trying so they can earn tons of money on the web.

And now DC Thomson appears to be ready to give it a try.

DC Thomson is the UK publisher of magazines (The People's Friend, Animals And You, Scots Magazine) and comics (Beano, Dandy, Commando).

They're getting ready to launch "a new online publishing venture in the families/personal finance space, to be called MyFamilyClub (“MFC”), which will also offer a novel, offline, 3rd-party-provided, financial services product."

DC Thomson's target audience for the site is "mums with kids (from pre-birth to the day they leave home). The role is to develop and promote external messages and campaigns attracting visitors and new customers."

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Weekend Reading: Batman, Doctor Who And Captain America

Captain America Movie PosterThe new teaser image for the upcoming Captain America movie is out. Looks like the art director grew up reading Image Comics. Now let’s see what you can read:

Heroes: Robin Brenner at Early Word, a site for librarians, has a rundown on superhero graphic novels. “Superheroes For The Uninitiated” focuses on the big names from the MU and the DCU, but she promises a future installment that goes outside Marvel and DC.

Bat: It’s been Bat-Week at Tor.com all week. If you’ve missed it, it’s all still there in all its Bat-goodness. Nick Abadzis is there and so is Gotham City: 14 Miles editor Jim Beard.

British: Beano artist Lew Stringer has news of a new, independent graphic novel from England called Armageddon Patrol, a “what if” that poses the question “what if super-heroes fought the Vietnam War?” I gotta get one of these.

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Comic Book Jobs: DC Thomson

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Commando 4359DC Thomson the big deal publisher of classic British comics like The Beano and Commando is looking for help in their Dundee, Scotland office.

The search is on for a Circulation Executive to help manage “the circulation and distribution of our customers magazines and childrens’ comics.”

You’ll be “providing support to allow the day to day management of titles, implementing and development of business plans through the provision of accurate data and producing reports of activities, achievements and market intelligence to both internal and external contacts.”

Naturally, you’ll need some skills: excellent written and verbal communication skills, “the ability to carry out research with limited management involvement,” and budget/forecasting/retail planning.

Previous experience in a circulation role is “desirable but not essential,” but your speed is. The job listing is closing on Feb 2.

Good luck, job seekers!

[Artwork: Commando #4359, on sale now, © DC Thomson]

British Comics: Commando – The War Watch

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CommandoLike many others (and you know who you are), one of my favorite comic book shops is the Dollar Store, known by many different names and operated by several different and separate companies. But whether it's Dollar Tree, 99¢ Only Stores, Family Dollar or whatever, you can still occasionally find someone who's dumped a huge pile of bagged comics from the fringes of the industry.

You might think that no one would want them, but, aha, you'd be wrong. I want them.

I was there just the other day when I found a set of bagged comics, 3-in-a-bag, for $1. Two of the comics were from Amalgam (JLX #1 and Super Soldier #1), the mash-up venture between Marvel and DC back in mid-1990s.

The third was a 2008 reprint of a 2006 issue of Commando (#3951, I had to look it up on the Google), one of the venerable British comics series from DC Thomson.

But the reprint is published by Geddes & Grosset, a UK-based company that prints in India and doesn't have a website.

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