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Weekend Reading: Stan Lee, Alois Nebel, Adam Beechen and Stuntman!

Stan Lee 1975Whew! What a year! Let's see what the internets hold for the final few days!

Happy birthday to the Funky Flashman himself, Stan Lee, who turns 90. Buzzfeed has his life in pictures.

Here’s what I like about the internets: finding a feature length animated film adapting a graphic novel I’ve never heard of. In this case, it’s Alois Nebel, “a Czech feature length animation directed by Tomas Lunak and based on a trilogy of graphic novels by Jaroslav Rudis and Jaromir 99.” There’s a preview of it at the link.

Adam Beechen talks with Newsarama about Batman Beyond, and beyond.

My pal Richard Pachter reviews a nifty bunch of books including Happy, The Nao of Brown, Building Stories, Marbles, Fashion Beach, and more!

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Comic Book Movie: Gene-Fusion

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Gene FusionThor, Green Lantern, Captain America, Cowboys & Aliens.

Yeah, I got all that. But did you know there's another comic book movie coming out this year that should be worth checking out?

This one's an animated feature called Gene-Fusion.

It's based on the comic book by Jeff Amano (Red Warrior) that was written by Ivan Brandon (Doc Savage), and illustrated by Neil Vokes (Dr. Strange) and Jay Geldhof (Grendel).

Here's the pitch from the press release: "In the year 2310, a new sport, Gene-Fusion, is all the rage… specially-trained athletes, called Fusers, design their own super-creature by combining three forms of animal DNA..."

Against that backdrop, four teens become Fusers only to find themselves part of a greater conspiracy that threatens the Earth.

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Cheapjack Shakespeare: The Graphic Novel Play

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Cheapjack Shakespeare PosterWith all this talk of comic books being turned into movies (I’m looking at you and Green Lantern and countless others), how about one that’s being turned into‚Ķa play? And no I’m not talking about the expensive Spider-Man musical.

I’m talking about Cheapjack Shakespeare, a comedy about a summer Shakespeare company that’s falling apart as they’re “beset by infidelity, egos, ambition and a particularly ill-timed lightning strike.” Shaun McLaughlin, a reknowned comic book writer (Aquaman) and TV producer (Batman Beyond, Static Shock and various incarnations of Justice League), created the online graphic novel that debuted earlier this year. “It’s like Glee with booze and Shakespeare,” McLaughlin says.

Cheapjack Shakespeare: The Non-Musical has finalized its casting, begun rehearsals and set its premiere date for September 9th at the Alt Theatre in Buffalo, NY. Additional performances will be on September 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24 and 25.

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