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Weekend Reading: Marvel, David Lloyd, Mattotti and Sexy Batgirl

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Return of the Human

What a crazy week! Here's a bunch of stuff you might've missed.

Writer Sean Howe talks about his new book, Marvel Comics: The Untold Story with Salon’s Panio Gianopoulos.

David Lloyd talks about his new venture, Aces Weekly. It looks like there's a lot of good stuff over at his site.

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Weekend Reading: Batman, Doctor Who And Captain America

Captain America Movie PosterThe new teaser image for the upcoming Captain America movie is out. Looks like the art director grew up reading Image Comics. Now let’s see what you can read:

Heroes: Robin Brenner at Early Word, a site for librarians, has a rundown on superhero graphic novels. “Superheroes For The Uninitiated” focuses on the big names from the MU and the DCU, but she promises a future installment that goes outside Marvel and DC.

Bat: It’s been Bat-Week at Tor.com all week. If you’ve missed it, it’s all still there in all its Bat-goodness. Nick Abadzis is there and so is Gotham City: 14 Miles editor Jim Beard.

British: Beano artist Lew Stringer has news of a new, independent graphic novel from England called Armageddon Patrol, a “what if” that poses the question “what if super-heroes fought the Vietnam War?” I gotta get one of these.

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DC Comics Review: Batgirl #1

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Rating: *

I collect about twelve titles each month - not including mini-series and one-shots.  I collect the stuff that really interests me and normally I’m not disappointed.  A lot of my reviews for comics are positive.  On the four star rating system, I normally give a comic I’ve read three to three and a half stars.  Since I began writing reviews for Comix 411, there have been a few comics that I’ve reviewed that have disappointed me.  Those comics have received two stars or two and a half.  I have never given a comic book, a one star - until today. 

Last year DC announced that they would be canceling Birds of Prey.  After it was revealed that Dick Grayson would be the new Batman, another announcement was made regarding the collection of Bat-Family books for DC Comics.  One of the books that would be debuting would be a new monthly Batgirl title.  Leaks began hitting the Internet that there would be a new girl under the mask.  Some began to think, with the cancellation of Birds of Prey, Barbara Gordon would be returning to the role of Batgirl in the new title.  So who is the new Batgirl?  Well it’s none other than Stephanie Brown aka The Spoiler, the former super-hero girlfriend of Timothy Drake Wayne aka Red Robin.

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Comics Review: Batgirl 6

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Batgirl versus Cain

A famous Greek playwright said there were only five plots - those of Lust, Revenge, Power, Money, and Love. We lovers of comics are used to seeing plots rehashed over and over again. One of my postmates has commented on the direction Superman and Batman are going, which, is going to lead us to a 2009 without Supes and Bats. He commented that these seem too similar to Knightfall and World Without Superman. To me it seems they are just getting started.

I would guess that most readers of “Batgirl” are following the RIP storyline. This story takes place before RIP, which they don’t bother to mention. We also have the latest last battle of Cain and Batgirl.  How many time have we seen these evil mentor/student battles before? 100 times? 200 times? A lot more?  And Batgirl doesn’t kill him in the end?  What a surprise. But, if you read “Robin” this week, we learn that Bruce has adopted Casandra, which doesn’t happen until this issue. But isn’t Bruce sort of dead? That is, if this story takes place before RIP. I am so confused.

Basically, it is a run of the mill mini-series which will be out in trade soon but I can’t recommend spending the 15 or 20 dollars it will cost.

DC Comics Review: Batman #681

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The conclusion to “Batman: RIP” is finally here. The last issue saw Batman entering Arkham Asylum as his back-up personality The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh to rescue Jezebel Jet from the Black Glove and the Joker.

Grant Morrison stated in an interview with Comic Book Resources that what would happen to Batman in this storyline would be “so much better than death. People have killed characters in the past, but to me, that kind of ends the story! I like to keep the story twisting and turning. So what I am doing is a fate worse than death. Things that no one would expect to happen to these guys at all.”  When I read this, I became very intrigued. What would happen to Bruce Wayne when the story was over? Well, the story is over and I’m still wondering what the big deal was.


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