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Girls LoveIt's that time of the week again! Time to check out my favorite website for job listings in the wide-ranging and eclectic field of comic book jobs.

Here's what's happening on craigslist:

A production company in the San Fernando Valley (California) is "seeking a lead actress for a live action comic book film." For the right superheroine, they'll be $350 per day. "Think comic book meets really goofy lines and fight scenes."

And if you're a guy, they're also looking for a villain. But comic book movie villainy pays less, $125 per day.

The Los Angeles Comic Book And Science Fiction Convention is looking for vendors interesting in setting up at their April 17th show.

Nostalgic Books and Comics in San Gabriel (California) is looking for "any comic-related costume people who may be interested in showing up and being a part of" their Free Comic Book Day celebration.

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Green Lantern C2E2The comic book convention season is in full swing, and that was never more apparent than this weekend in Chicago for C2E2.

Comic fans, cosplayers, celebrities, editors, artists and writers all gathered in a giant nerdpile of awesomeness.

And whenever all those things get together, a lot of chatter is going to take place. Here then are the Top Ten Things We Overheard at C2E2 2011:

10. "That new Wonder Woman costume is epic!"

9. "That new Wonder Woman costume sucks!"

8. "Wasn't C2E2 R2D2's wife?"

7. "This sure smells like San Diego!"

6. "This is really nice carpeting. What? I'm just sayin'!"

5. "At home I can follow Bendis on Twitter. Here I can actually follow Bendis!"

4. "I just saw Wizard World Chicago crying in the bathroom."

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Showtime logoHey, you wanna go to Comic Con International on CBS’s dime? Of course you do. Showtime Networks, a division of CBS based in New York, has an intern program that’s running from June 6-July 29.

You’ll be working in the “Program Marketing and Advertising” group and one of your main functions will be “daily tasks and organization leading up to Comic Con, assisting with the advertising tactics in print, tv, online and outdoor and components of the marketing plan.” I'm only assuming that they'll take you to the Con to see your hard work payoff, so you might want to get that included if you get the gig.

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Captain BritainKapow!

Y’know, it’s always hard to get a job writing and drawing for Marvel Comics. But coming in April, Marvel is making it a little easier to get their attention at the Kapow Comic Con.

According to Down The Tubes, the Cartoon Museum will be “hosting portfolio review sessions with Marvel Comics talent scout CB Cebulski.” David Lloyd (V For Vendetta) will be there, too.

It’s a nice opportunity to get your work in front of a good guy who can help, if only by giving you some honest pointers about your art.

The downside? It’s all taking place in England.

Good luck, job seekers!

[Artwork: Captain Britain, © Marvel Comics]

Telara ChroniclesLots of comic book-related jobs out there this week in a variety of different fields, so get your resume in shape and be prepared to hit "send."

Game company Trion Worlds in San Diego is looking for a Content Designer to “participate in the planning and execution of cutting-edge, memorable missions and enemy encounters including writing dialog, spawning, and scripting.” You must have a “love of pen and paper RPGs, board games, Syfy channel, and comic books.”

Sony is looking for a full-time Administrative Assistant in their Culver City office to handle Field Publicity. There are lots of the usual corporate stuff to handle but here’s part of the job description that stuck out: “Generate Comic Con grid schedule.”

There are some other fun parts of the job too like “facilitating all filmmaker/talent interview requests” and “book/negotiate hair, make-up and styling for all Long Lead Added Value Press Days.”

But I like the whole “grid” thing best.

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SalesmanDC Comics is hiring again for their New York office. This time they’re looking for a Direct Sales Representative for their Sales Department.

You’ll get to coordinate “all sales of DC comics and book format titles, MAD Magazine and DC Direct items to retailers through exclusive sales agent.”

You’ll also be developing sales plans, special promotions, sales forecasts and all that sales-based stuff as you work to get people to buy more DC comics.

Bonus: scheduled calls to retailers and attendance at various conventions to interact with consumers and the retail community.

You know what that means? Free room at Comic Con International.

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Comic Book GuyIf you have the gift of retail, draw fast, love to intern or want to sell some of your stuff, Craigslist has quite the deals for you.

In Boston, The Million Year Picnic comic book store in Harvard Square has “immediate openings for part-time employment.”

If you have “retail, customer service or sales experience” that’d be a huge plus.

A knowledge of comic books and graphic novels is helpful “but not required. You do have to be able to show up for work every Wednesday morning because that’s new comic day.

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Betty And VeronicaIf you took the time to read through the nearly 250,000 documents released this week via Wikileaks, you’d find a comic book connection in several of them. We at Comix 411 have nothing but free time and did the heavy lifting for you. Here are the comic book-related highlights from the document dump:

When visiting with US President Barack Obama, the CIA codename for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is “Bucky.”

Interrogators at Guantanamo routinely asked prisoners to choose: Betty or Veronica?

Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Il sometimes dresses up as Wildcat before he tours a factory. In other news, North Korea still has factories.

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Lynda CarterIt’s been a great internet this week, so let’s take a look!

Comics & Media: There’s someone out there who believes that The Walking Dead comic books and trade compilations won’t see a boost in sales despite the tremendous success of the new TV series. Dirk Deppey delivers the smackdown and makes me wish I could write like that. (Scroll down a little.)

I only have anecdotal “evidence” about the book’s success from this year’s San Diego Con. I saw The Walking Dead booth doing tremendous business, and by Friday afternoon, they’d sold out of all the Volume 1 compilations they’d brought to the show (which still had more than two days to go).

And speaking of smackdowns, Lynda Carter tells Megan Fox to STFU.

P. Craig Russell: Want to have a sneak peek at his upcoming digital comic, The Gift of the Magi? I know you do.

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There are several odd jobs up on Craigslist this week. Let’s take a look.

If you can translate Korean into English, there’s a comic book company in Queens, NY that would like to hear from you. They’re paying by the book.

If you don't have any second language skills, maybe you’re good with a needle and thread? Strictly Underground is a Chicago-based comic book company and they want a costume made for their superheroine Prodigy. They’ve already got the gorgeous model lined up - you just have to dress her up so she can parade around town.

A local business in Long Beach is looking for some female cosplayers - and the ad says you only have to be “moderately attractive” - to pass out fliers near the convention center during the Long Beach Comic Con. You have to provide your own costume, though.

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