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Friday August 31, 2012 3:18 pm

Weekend Reading: Chaykin, Kubert, Harrison and Harlan

Joe KubertYou know how you can tell that Summer's over? There aren't any more big budget super-hero movies coming out. Fortunately, there's all kinds of stuff on the internets to keep us occupied.

Beau Smith writes about the late Joe Kubert.

Tom Spurgeon writes about Harry Harrison.

I would’ve watched the heck out of any Daredevil movie that was done like this trailer:

Comic Strip of the Day talks about Richard Thompson and his decision to retire from Cul de Sac because of illness.

Vince Keenan reviews the autobiography of Tom Mankiewicz, the writer responsible for the first two Superman movies. “Producers Ilya and Alexander Salkind were funding the first two movies as they went, meaning they ‘couldn’t show (the director) a budget because they couldn’t tell him how much money they actually didn’t have.’”

Crime writer Dave Zeltserman has written a new take on Frankenstein called Monster, telling the Frankenstein legend from the creature’s perspective. Bruce Grossman at Bookgasm likes it: “Gothic horror that pulls no punches — a brutal ride through a hellish tale.” I’m in!

The writer Jay Lake’s cancer has returned. He’s one of the best of the new sf writers, so send good thoughts his way.

Tom McLean at Bags and Boards goes back in time to review Marvel Premiere #32, featuring Monark Starstalker by Howard Chaykin.

Randy Johnson, not the baseball pitcher, takes a look at a reissue of one of Harlan Ellison’s older books, a collection of short stories that sounds awesome.

Now go forth and use your internets responsibly!

[Artwork: Sgt. Rock by Joe Kubert, © DC Comics]



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