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Friday December 31, 2010 1:17 pm

Weekend Reading: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, R2D2 And Ronnie Corbett

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Reviews,

Mister MiracleHey, 2010 is over and 2011 is here! Happy new year and in lieu of alcohol, here are a few links.


Xmas: It’s come and gone, but Bookgasm’s Rod Lott says there’s still plenty of enjoyment to be had in The Great Treasury of Christmas Comic Book Stories.


Christmas: I totally missed this, but The Library of American Comics website posted a series of Christmas cartoons from their, well, library. Milton Caniff, Bob Montana, Chester Gould, Berke Breathed, Little Orphan Annie and more are represented.


Editors: Cartoonist Patrick O’Connor tribute-blogs his former editor who recently passed away.


Sketch: Animation story artist Jenny Lerew reviews a beauty of a sketchbook self-published by fellow animation story artist Dave Pimental. It’s bee-yew-tee-ful!


Kirby: Curt Purcell at The Groovy Age of Horror has been thinking about catching up with Jack Kirby’s 1970s classic Fourth World titles. Unfortunately, traditional print publisher DC Comics makes it all but impossible for him and many others.


Scoop: They’ve got the details about Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning taking over Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero after Paul Cornell exits.


Check-Out: Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool posts a Twitter thread of industry insiders talking about putting comic books into grocery stores as a gateway drug. Dozens of commenters follow!

R2D2: I love this cover gallery of the little Star Wars robot, courtesy of John Zipperer at Weimar World Service.


2011: Wayne Markley, no stranger to the comics industry, takes a look at stuff he’d like to see happen in the new year. “I would like to see next year is a thinning of the herd. I am tired of trying to read ten Batman books or eight Avengers books or even three Green Lantern books.” What he said. 


And finally, you might’ve already seen this, but Ronnie Corbett (formerly of The Two Ronnies), has been having a little trouble with his Blackberry.


Now go forth and use your internets responsibly!


And have a better 2011!


[Artwork: Mister Miracle © DC Comics]




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