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Saturday January 30, 2010 1:35 am

Weekend Reading: Plastic Man, iPads, Clowns, Jack Kirby & Top Cat

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Steve JobsIs everyone ready to read Bluewater’s J.D. Salinger comic book on the iPad? Now that’s a game-changer I can believe in! Let’s see what I’ve got on my desktop this week:

Apple’s iPad: Apparently Apple changed the game with some kind of game changer that’s supposed to be the Jesus of print that’ll save newspapers from their own stupidity and ineptitude and also change the way we read comics and make a BLT just the way I like it and find me a room at Comic Con International. Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter coalesces his thoughts on the matter. Me? I’m waiting for the iPad with wings.

Plastic Man: There are other places that are dropping it, but my favorite is over at John Kricfalusi’s blog. He’s imbedded the 10-minute Plastic Man pilot that was created by Tom Kenny (the voice of Spongebob) and Stephen DeStefano (simply one of the great modern cartoonists, and co-creator/artist of the much-beloved ‘Mazing Man). Says John: “It’s a real cartoon and you can tell the creators like the audience. It sure stands out from most of what’s out there.” Go check it out.

Super Clowns: Curt Purcell at The Groovy Age of Horror interviews Mike Hoffman, creator of Super Clowns, a comic book that features three clowns acquiring “special clown powers.” Says Mike, “I also looked at some Clown ‘colleges,’ and apparently there are now many more grads than jobs. To me, a vagrant clown seems a pretty good story springboard.” You can’t go wrong with clowns.

Jack Kirby: Over at Bookgasm, Bruce Grossman loves Kirby nearly as much as I do. He reviews four Kirby trades from DC: Jack Kirby’s The Demon, Jack Kirby’s The Losers, Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus Volume One and Volume Two.

Jack Kirby (Again): I don’t have a dog in the Jack Kirby inker debate. My preference in this order is: Joe Sinnott, Mike Royer, Frank Giacoia. That said, I sure did like looking at this Mister Miracle comparison of Royer and Vince Colletta over at 20th Century Danny Boy.

Top Cat: If you’ve been thinking about T.C., Benny, Officer Dibble and the rest, Pete Doree over at The Bronze Age of Blogs has a complete Top Cat story for your reading pleasure.

Cartoons: Nelson Dewey, storyboard artist, cartoonist, and contributor to magazines like CARtoons, Hot Rod Cartoons, CYCLEtoons and SURFtoons has been posting his work online with regularity. Good stuff for car cartoon lover - he did over 1000 pages of work for those mags, so there’s plenty of stuff to see.

Platinum Studios: My old Malibu Comics office buddy Scott Rosenberg has secured a $5 million investment from Dutchess Capital Management, an investment firm with deals in Nuclear Sciences, Homeland Security, Precious Metals, and now the business of turning comic book properties into movies. It looks like the Dutchess website hasn’t been updated in a while and there’s nothing in the News section. But be sure to check out the Team photos that all look like they were shot in J.F. Sebastian’s building.

Dave Olbrich: And speaking of Malibu Comics, Dave Olbrich has posted a number of old Malibu-era photos at his website, Funnybook Fanatic.

Bruce Jones and Richard Corben: Some of their best work was done for Jim Warren’s EC-inspired magazines like Creepy and Eerie. Cloud 109 takes a look at a couple of horror classics, with a lot of nifty anecdotes about Bruce and Richard.

Disney/Marvel: Beau Smith, the most manly man in comics, has some advice for the two companies. Get with the program, people. He knows where you live.

That’s it! Have a link-filled weekend!

[Artwork: Photo of Apple’s Steve Jobs, getting ready to change something.]



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