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Saturday October 16, 2010 1:45 am

Weekend Reading: NYCC, Donald Duck and The Incredible Hulk

Lou FerrignoI’ve been thinking over the last couple of years that with blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, podcasts, video and live internet feeds that you can probably have a decent out-of-town convention “experience” without leaving your house.

For example, the New York Comic Con is over and Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter has the best con report: news reports, links, observations and opinions. He didn’t attend, but it’s hard to argue with his analysis.

Incredible: In case you haven’t heard, Marvel is developing a new TV series based on The Incredible Hulk. No doubt a “Get Lou Ferrigno A Role On The Show” Facebook page will be up by the end of the day.

Duck: Jaime Weinman poses a few questions in a post he calls “Disney And The Copyright Police.”

Sign Here: Author and occasional comic book writer Gerard Jones (Men Of Tomorrow; Networked) talks about author signings and what makes a good one. Pretty women, free-flowing booze and gift certificates surprisingly absent.

Alan Moore: Bruce Grossman at Bookgasm dives right in and reviews a pile of British trade paperbacks featuring work by Alan Moore, Ian Gibson, Pat Mills, Alan Davis, Kevin O’Neill:  Judge Dredd, Halo Jones, D.R. & Quinch, ABC Warriors, and Nemesis The Warlock. “Rebellion is putting out these collections...which all come with my seal of approval and were published this year. They were kick-ass reads when I was 12...and still are at my advanced age.”

Cartoons: Tom Tomorrow is one of my favorite political cartoonists. His book publisher is suffering from all the things that ail print right now, just as he’s got a new collection coming out. Show the guy a little cartoon love, won’t you?

Fear: I missed this from last month, writer George Kelley has a Forgotten Book worth remembering: Four Color Fear by Greg Sadowski, a collection of a dozen EC horror classics.

Green Hornet: I’m not one of the Green Hornuts, but this anthology - with Harlan Ellison (!), Will Murray, C.J. Henderson, James Reasoner, Mark Ellis, Ron Fortier, Robert Greenberger, Bill Spangler and Dennis O’Neil (among others) - looks really tempting.

Frank Thorne: Mad Men by the great Son of Tomahawk and Red Sonja artist, circa 1960.
[Link: TV Tattle]

Tom Selleck: Does anyone remember the Magnum P.I. comic book? Thankfully, someone does!

Graphic Novels: Author Gary Phillips, the creator of Ivan Monk, talks about writing over at The Rap Sheet. Phillips is writing a revival of pulp hero Operator 5 for Moonstone.

Columbo: And speaking of The Rap Sheet, this isn’t comics but J. Kingston Pierce has a great interview with William Link, the co-creator of the world’s greatest rumpled detective.

Zen: Jon J. Muth, that most elegant of comic book painters (Moonshadows, anyone?) who has crafted a nice career for himself in children’s books, has a new one out. He talks about Zen Ghosts with NPR.
[Link: Early Word]

Retailer Team-Up: I like how once the crime was detected, a league of retailers showed up to ensure justice.
[Link: Journalista]

And finally, here’s a nifty interview with Mark Gatiss, one of the creators of the new Sherlock Holmes series on the BBC (the other being Doctor Who’s Steven Moffat).

That's all, people. Enjoy your internets responsibly!

[Artwork: Lou Ferrigno as you-know-who]



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