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Saturday April 9, 2011 3:19 am

Weekend Reading: Maberry, Wes Craven, Tamara Drewe and Dave Dorman

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Write More GoodEveryone who’s anyone in the indie comics scene is currently at MoCCA Fest 2011 in New York. But me? I’m just linking to stuff.

Write: Comic book retailer and blogger Mike Sterling is part of a group that runs Fake AP Stylebook. They’ve got a book out, Write More Good, and for those of us who love to laugh, it’s a must-have. Back away from the DC and Marvel relaunches and put your money to a better use. Here's a taste from the book: "While it's tempting to call them baristi because of the Italian roots, the plural of barista is journalism majors."

It even got a nice review in The New Yorker. “Write More Good, like the account from which it grew, is a tongue-in-cheek takedown of an industry already on shaky ground.”

Maberry: Marvel Comics writer Jonathan Maberry is also a novelist. SF Signal breaks down his latest Joe Ledger novel and gives it thumbs up. “Great conspiracy thinking with large events; misdirection; interesting, complex criminals who don't like each other; a great dog and destruction of one of Maberry's favorite writing places!”

Manly: Beau Smith (Wynonna Earp) takes a look at some animated cartoons that sure as heck ain’t The Smurfs or The Care Bears, pardner: Jonny Quest, The Herculoids, Space Ghost and more.

Beau: And in a different column for a different website, Beau takes a look at the comics business, circa 2011. “Comic book publishing is driven by passion, personal passion. Like anything else, that can be wonderful and it can also be detrimental to your business.”

Dinosaur: Writer Martin Powell posts the first comic book story of his ever published, The Dinosaur Doctor from Pinnacle Comics’ Creepy Tales #1.

Frears: Vince Keenan reviews the DVD of Tamara Drewe, the movie based on the comic strip (later collected in book form) created by Posy Simmonds. “A funny, sexy, literate romp, it’s well worth catching up with on DVD.”

Con: Over at The Bloghorn, UK cartoonist Tim Harries recounts his experience behind a table at the first London Comic and Small Press Expo. “The variety of work on show was excellent, and visitors could spend several hours going from table to table and still not see everything.” Now that sounds like a convention!

OhMy!: Rik Offenberger at First Comics News talks to creator Mike Bullock about his upcoming Lions Tigers And Bears Volume III. Bonus: the comic is in development for a movie at Paramount.

Paint: One of my favorite painters, Dave Dorman, gets himself interviewed at Jedi News. Dave is back in the Star Wars universe, doing covers to the forthcoming Crimson Empire 3 series.

Boo: My old pal John Wooley wrote a book detailing director Wes Craven’s movie career. Wes Craven: The Man and His Nightmares gets an excellent review from Rod Lott at Bookgasm. (And as an interesting sidenote, Wes Craven was almost part of Malibu Comics’ Ultraverse. How’s that for a tease - though I doubt it’s included in this book.)

Freeway: Brian Winkeler, also at Bookgasm, looks at Mark Kalesniko’s graphic novel, Freeway, and finds it a little too much.

And finally, one of Borders’ biggest problems apparently? It wasn’t the poorly managed stores, lack of website strategy, overpaid incompetent executives, oh no. It was “Manga shoplifters!” Problem solved. [Link: Bleeding Cool]

Now use your internets responsibly!

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