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Saturday August 29, 2009 7:56 am

Weekend Reading: Jack Kirby, Wally Wood, and James Cameron’s Avatar!

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It’s back again, internets – the Weekend Read is here with a quick browse as the digital landscape turns up a few fun things to occupy your time when you could be out with your friends or drunk - texting your exes.

JACK KIRBY I: In honor of Jack Kirby’s 92nd birthday, Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter has a breathtaking array of Kirby images on display. Words can’t even do it justice, so Tom doesn’t try. It’s just fantastic pictures and reminds us all how great Kirby really was.

JACK KIRBY II: If you do want some words to go with the pictures, Mark Evanier has quite a few of the nicer ones.

JACK KIRBY III: If you’d like to read more about Kirby and read Kirby’s work, I recommend the following: Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus Vol 1; Kirby: King of Comics by Mark Evanier; and The Best of Simon & Kirby, edited by Steve Saffel. If you don’t love the Kirby after that read-fest, we just can’t be friends anymore.

WALLY WOOD: Over at his Wood-blog, Hooray for Wally Wood, Steven Thompson posts a nice catch: a pencil page of Hercules Unbound by Walter Simonson, side-by-side with the inked version done by Wally Wood.

QUICK, ROBIN, TO THE BOOKCAVE: Yes, and who wouldn’t want this bookcase, and a house big enough to put it in.

BEAVER AND STEVE: An oldie, but a goodie that answers an age-old “Who’s Stronger?” question, courtesy of James Turner.

SO, WHAT’S A GRAPHIC NOVEL TO YOU? Over at the Forbidden Planet blog, Neil Gaiman, Bryan Talbot, Todd Klein, Dave McKean, Rick Veitch and a host of others weigh in with their thoughts on the term “Graphic Novel.”

ANDI WATSON’S GLISTER: Also at the Forbidden Planet Blog is a nice review of Glister, just in case you were thinking of getting a copy and needed a little extra nudging. Illustrated with nice Watson art, too.

JAMES CAMERON’S AVATAR: “His ‘Lucasesque’ dedication to technology, and the invention of it, really gets the ubergeek in me all bunged up. Like Lucas, Cameron’s excitement over making things that nobody has ever seen before combined with his sickening perfectionism makes for the kind of guy that I would personally hang out with.” Deane Ogden, over at Forces of Geek, just can’t wait to see Avatar. Maybe you feel the same way.

CARTOON BOYS and ANIMATION: John Kricfalusi (that Ren & Stimpy guy) has a great post on his blog John K Stuff about “Traditional Cartoon Principles.” If you love the cartoons, especially the great hand-drawn ones, or are just interested in them, you owe it to yourself to read this thought-provoking, richly illustrated post.

BINKY THE SPACE CAT: If you’re looking for a graphic novel for kids, Bookgasm says you can’t go wrong with Ashley Spires’ debut.

That’s it for now! Have a good night, internets.

[Artwork: Mr. Miracle by Jack Kirby, © DC Comics]



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