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Friday April 23, 2010 4:23 pm

Weekend Reading: Kick-Ass, iPads, Vertigo Crime and Richie Rich

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Kick AssLast week it was , now it’s The Losers, and coming up it’s Scott Pilgrim. Is this not the year of the nerd who loves popcorn? Let’s see what else there is to do while ordering our tickets…

Batman, Robin and Kick-Ass: Over at Something Old, Nothing New, Jaime Weinman longs for the return of a viable Robin character to the Batman movie franchise. Here’s a little taste of the longer and worthwhile read: “The thing about the concept of Kick-Ass is that it deals with an aspect of the Robin character that has been batted around in the comics from The Dark Knight Returns on, and even in the animated shows, but has never been dealt with in the movies: superheroes inspire kid copycats. In a weird way Robin is more ‘realistic’ than a man who, based on no apparent model except a bat, decides to fight crime in his underwear.”

The Losers: “This movie isn’t too violent because…hey look over there: a puppy!” Movie studio publicists work overtime for stories like this.

Film School Rejects: They have one of those mandatory “list” posts designed to spur “discussions,” and by that I mean flame wars like there’s no tomorrow. The topic? 8 Comic Books That Should Be Movies. I don’t disagree with their 8, but I’ve got my own list. And it’s way longer than 8.

Americomics: Bill Black has been running his own comic book company in one form or another for more than three decades. Here’s a very nice interview with him (the first of two-parts), where he talks a lot about his Westerns.

Tintin: The intrepid boy reporter who spends a lot of time getting hit on the head and/or shot at, is going to India.

24 Hours of TV: No, it’s not comics, but how can you resist a blog by that title? They recently devoted a huge chunk of bandwidth to the Planet of the Apes movies, and if that’s not worth a few clicks of the mouse, what is?

Batman, Again: That’s a great looking Batman daily strip, whoever drew it.

IPad, uPad, weallPad: Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter has a nifty round-up of think-pieces on Apple’s iPad and digital comics. As always, Spurgeon’s comments and insights make it click-worthy.

Vertigo Crime: Sarah Weinman posts a link to her overview of Vertigo Crime. “I’m very much looking forward to future projects that deliver the pulp goods - but also stretch beyond the usual constraints of form and story.”

Sarge Steel: Mister 8, the blog of spies and secret agents, recently hosted a Sarge Steel week. The highlight of it is an incomplete interview with the late Dick Giordano that was started just before he died. Still, lots of nifty stuff contained therein.

Richie Rich: Many’s the day I spend wondering about the love life of the world’s richest boy and how fortunate he is that all his money kept him away from Catholic priests.

Pride And Prejudice: Someone really likes this particular Marvel comic. “It not only gave me a greater appreciation for the medium, but it gave me hope that maybe this is the start of things to come.” More options for women to enjoy in the comic book realm.

Ghosts of Manhattan: Rod Lott at Bookgasm takes a look at the new Batman, I mean, Ghost, novel. You can forgive the confusion because, as Lott says, “the novel is about a bored, wealthy bachelor who dresses up in a mask and cape at night to fight crime.” Added bonus? Lott likes it and that’s good enough for me to Amazon it right away.

Iris West: Sometimes the fastest man alive leaves his plot-thread of a wife dangling until the final panel. Fortunately, Silver Age Comics can help.

Richard Stark & Darwyn Cooke: The author James Reasoner catches up to Cooke’s adaptation of Richard Stark’s Parker novel, The Hunter. “He’s made the wise decision to set his adaptation in 1962, the era in which the source novel was published, and he does a fine job of capturing the feel of the early Sixties.”

Stormtroopers: On their day off, what do they do, the Star Wars villains?

That’s all from the internets this week!

[Artwork: Cover to Kick-Ass]



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