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Saturday January 23, 2010 2:21 am

Weekend Reading: Julie Newmar, Doctor Spektor and Popeye

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials,

Julie NewmarA lot has happened internetally while I took my afternoon nap, and there’s good stuff from old-school fan favorite Julie Newmar, Tom Richmond talking about caricatures and Jesse Santos’ Doctor Spektor. Dig in:

Catwoman: No getting around it, to men of a certain age, Julie Newmar was the Blake Lively of her day. Now she’d like you to talk dirty to her. She’s putting together a book of confessions from men proudly unashamed to admit that she created a stirring in their Batman underpants when everybody was much younger. Says Newmar to the Globe and Mail: “Suddenly, walking straight to me was the grandfather, his voice and eye seductively nailed to me. ‘Miss Newmar. You were my first turn-on.’ For the father, it would be improper, and the boy hadn’t reached the age where it was of interest to him.” No doubt Diana Rigg, Yvonne Craig, Joey Heatherton and Nancy Sinatra have similar stories. Although you probably stood a chance with Heatherton. The interview is a lot of fun, and Newmar is looking for stories just like yours. There’s an email address at the link for you to participate.

Tom Richmond: the MAD blogger and MAD cartoonist talks about the skills necessary to caricature women - illustrated with many great examples of his work: check out the Fergie, Rhianna, and fanboy favorites, Scarlett Johansson and Hayden Panettiere. Part essay, part tutorial, it’s must reading for the “how it’s done” crowd. “Many (caricaturists) struggle to make their caricatures of women look feminine, and often feel their female subjects look like ‘drag queens.’”

Doctor Spektor: Over at Gold Key Comics, Mykal runs a great story from Doctor Spektor #18 by Don Glut and Jesse Santos. Be sure to read the comments too, for a lot of Spektor-love and some background on the under-appreciated Santos.

Fake AP Stylebook: So Mike Sterling, blogger pal from Progressive Ruin, is one of the participants in the Twitter phenom, Fake AP Stylebook. Created by Ken Lowery and Mark Hale, the site includes contributions from a host of other comic book websters, including Dave Campbell and Bully, the little stuffed bull. They’ve just gotten a book deal. You can read about it on some of the news sites, but I like Sterling’s account the best.

Worst Poster Ever: No, this has nothing to do with blog-posting. It’s old school posters, and Steven Thompson over at Booksteve’s Library has a selection of four of the worst comic book posters ever: Flash Gordon, Prince Valiant, The Phantom, Mandrake The Magician, all looking like they were drawn with Prismacolor’s new Lack-Of-Ability Markers.

Heroes: If anyone is still watching Heroes (and I am because I keep hoping that Arcade will show up at the carnival), Oliver Mannion is liveblogging his heart out with each new episode.

Popeye: Mark your calendars, because Oliver Mannion’s dad, Lance Mannion, is hosting the Robert Altman Film Fest. And why is this important to comics fans? Because one of the films being talked about will be Altman’s Popeye, with Robin Williams as the squinty-eyed sailor. I know it’s sad to admit this, but I’ve always kinda liked the movie as a goofy relic.

Disney Marvel at Fark: Fark wins the internet this month with a Photoshop contest.

Bill Watterson & Ed Hannigan: Someone please make a poster of this.

That’s it for this week! Enjoy your internet and post responsibly.

[Artwork: a vintage photo of Julie Newmar in her Catwomanly prime.]



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