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Saturday November 27, 2010 12:28 am

Weekend Reading: Green Lantern, Joss Whedon, Jack Kirby And James Bond

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Movies, Television, DC Comics,

Green Lantern I spent Thanksgiving outside the US this year so I’m stuffed with stir-fried shrimp and chocolate ice cream, which made for an excellent breakfast of leftovers, because that's just how I roll.

If you’re out and about shopping now for the holidays, here’s the best Holiday Shopping Gift Guide you’re ever going to need for the 2010 credit card season, courtesy of Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter.

Let’s see what else is going on:

Green Lantern: If you’ve been in awe of the new Ryan Reynolds trailer for Green Lantern, there’s at least one person with an alternate view worth reading: Ricky Sprague at Project Child Murdering Robot. “The Green Lantern Corps is their ‘muscle,’ enforcing their rules of righteousness. They take creatures from various parts of the universe and have them fight 'evil.' There are lots of different GLs, made up of different species from different planets. You can see where this is starting to get lame.”

Strips: The Guelph Mercury interviews Jay Stephens, artist on the new and funny comic strip Oh, Brother! (co-created with friend of the blog Bob Weber, Jr.)

Buffy: Joss Whedon has a reaction to news that Buffy The Vampire Slayer is going to be remade without his involvement.

Size: Curt Purcell at The Groovy Age of Horror has a question about the size of an Eric Shanower - Scottie Young graphic novel he wanted to buy but didn’t. And I understand his reasoning.

Theatre: Mark Evanier talks about how Broadway shows make their money back and doesn’t hold out much hope for the new Spider-Man musical to turn a profit.

Publishing: The owners of the James Bond franchise are very smart folks and they’ve seen where the future of publishing is heading. Lee Goldberg is a very smart guy and a talented writer and he agrees with them. And I like to agree with Lee and Bond: The future ain’t in printed books with traditional publishers.

Superman: Writer Lance Mannion finally understands Superman’s origin: the science-deniers on Krypton’s ruling council were Republicans.

Chat: I like this interview with writing partners (Hero Complex) Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman.

King: You can never look at enough Jack Kirby or read enough about his life. Dan Nadel looks at The King for Vice. The link’s all over the interwebs, but if you haven’t seen it yet, do so now.

Pitt: Lots of tributes across the internets to the late Ingrid Pitt, maybe the most famous lesbian vampire on film. This is one of my favorite tributes to her, from Hammer And Beyond.

T-shirts: I want all of these, by Fabian Glez.

DIY: Rod Lott at Bookgasm likes Lila And Ecco’s Do-It-Yourself Comics Club and it sounds like the perfect holiday gift for any kid interested in making their own comics and reading a story about a couple of other kids who are actually doing it.

Pulp: I love looking at these George Rozen covers at Two-Fisted Tales of True-Life Weird Romance. I want them all.

MAD: A very nice interview with cartoonist Al Jaffee.

Yum-Yum: Why does the BBC hate The Goodies?

And finally, Monty Python games are coming to Facebook, which sounds like a much better waste of time than imaginary farming.

Now go forth and use your internets responsibly!

[Artwork: Green Lantern, © DC Comics]



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