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Sunday November 14, 2010 10:29 am

Weekend Reading: Gene Day, Wonder Woman and Old Indiana Jones

Lynda CarterIt’s been a great internet this week, so let’s take a look!

Comics & Media: There’s someone out there who believes that The Walking Dead comic books and trade compilations won’t see a boost in sales despite the tremendous success of the new TV series. Dirk Deppey delivers the smackdown and makes me wish I could write like that. (Scroll down a little.)

I only have anecdotal “evidence” about the book’s success from this year’s San Diego Con. I saw The Walking Dead booth doing tremendous business, and by Friday afternoon, they’d sold out of all the Volume 1 compilations they’d brought to the show (which still had more than two days to go).

And speaking of smackdowns, Lynda Carter tells Megan Fox to STFU.

P. Craig Russell: Want to have a sneak peek at his upcoming digital comic, The Gift of the Magi? I know you do.

Raiders Of The Lost ArkGene Day: For a guy who was so completely talented, his story is ultimately a sad one. But man oh man, could that guy draw. Daniel Best at 20th Century Danny Boy has the details along with a lot of great art.

$$$: Someone at DC Entertainment smells movie money! I liked the Victorian Dead mini-series, but it didn’t exactly burn up the sales charts for Wildstorm. Now that WS is dead, DC Comics has picked up the series for a new mini.

British Comics: Dez Skinn, the founder of Warrior and Comics International, is writing about the early days of British Comics Fandom at his website. Not to be missed: old photos of Brian Bolland, rare artwork by Bolland and Gibbons, Steve Parkhouse and Frank Bellamy. Great stuff for anyone interested in the era.

Raiders: Lance Mannion tackles the question of aging heroes and wrestles it to the ground in a post called: Indiana Jones and the Mandatory Age of Retirement for Action Adventure Heroes. “Raiders of the Lost Ark starts off by establishing our hero’s weaknesses, limitations, and vulnerability.  We’re immediately confronted by the possibility that Indy doesn’t have what it takes to get him through the rest of the movie.”

The King: Recession or not, I would totally move to Jack Kirby City.

Reggie: Jaime Weinman at Something Old, Nothing New looks at a Stan Goldberg story from an issue of Reggie And Me, “an issue-length story that probably represents some of Stan Goldberg's earliest work for Archie comics.”

Horror: Rod Lott at Bookgasm takes a look at two comic book horror histories and likes them both: “two big, beautiful books out that unearth the damned, and because they take different approaches to the subject, they’re both must-owns.” One of them is Fantagraphics’ Four Color Fear: Forgotten Horror Comics Of The 1950s, edited by Greg Sadowski, and Abrams Comicarts’ The Horror! The Horror!: Comic Books The Government Didn’t Want You To Read!, edited by Jim Trombetta.

And finally, I love these old Avengers paperback covers, courtesy of Bear Alley. And by Avengers, I mean John Steed and Emma Peel.

Now go forth and use your internets responsibly!

[Artwork: Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman (top); Harrison Ford and Karen Allen from Raiders Of The Lost Ark (bottom)]



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