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Friday July 9, 2010 7:24 pm

Weekend Reading: Bob Bolling, Doc Savage and Wonder Woman

Invader ZimThere’s less than 2 weeks to go before fan-filled flights start landing in San Diego. There may not be enough time to pack, but there’s plenty of time to surf the internet.

Bob Bolling: I love Bolling almost as much as Jaime Weinman at Something Old, Nothing New. Weinman posts a Wanda Wunderbuss tale from a 1984 issue of Pep. Added bonus, a link to Jack Kirby’s Archie work.

Rafael De Soto: You know who drew great manly-man covers for magazines like Male, Action for Men, Sportsmen, True Action, Men’s Life, and For Men Only? This guy, and Magic Monkey Boy has a nice display.

Webcomics: Do you know who has some interesting news about Jhonen Vasquez (Invader Zim)? Fleen, that’s who!

Doc Savage: I love Evan Lewis’ gallery of Doc covers (featuring Savage stories written by Laurence Donovan instead of Lester Dent).

Haunt: Rod Lott at Bookgasm finds a lot to like in this collection of the first five issues of Haunt from Image Comics by Robert Kirkman and Todd MacFarlane.

Wonder Woman: A nice takedown of the political criticism surrounding the change to WW’s outfit.

TV Or Not TV: We all know which shows are going to be showing up at Comic Con International this year because we’ve already noted where we’ll be standing in line. Did you know that a lot of shows that should be coming are not? Forces of Geek has a rundown.

Louviers: The Bloghorn reports that the founder of the Louviers Cartoon Festival in France has passed away.

Meth Addict: Clifford Meth has a new collection of short stories out now: The Whorehouse Madrigals (of Hank Magitz). Comic Mix has details and a video. “He’s clearly spent a certain amount of his life contemplating what Nietchze had in mind when he spoke of the abyss.”

Artists: If you like to draw, you know you’re always on the hunt for a good pencil. Here’s a place you might want to bookmark: Penciltalk. The new Lamy pencils look awesome and I want one now!

And finally, at Comic Con International in San Diego, thousands of comic book fans will be gathered in one place for easy viewing. How many virginity dots will you be able to spot?

[Artwork: Invader Zim, © Nickelodeon]



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