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Monday June 11, 2012 1:59 am

Weekend Reading: Bill Finger, Pixar, Toth and Calvin & Hobbes

Detective Comics #27Yeah, yeah, Avengers-mania is dying down and we’re back to counting the days until San Diego, right? Well, I am. In the meantime, let's read:

Want some story-writing advice from the gang at Pixar? Of course you do.

There’s no doubt that without writer Bill Finger, Batman wouldn’t be Batman. Booksteve’s Library has read and enjoyed Bill, The Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman by Marc Tyler Nobleman. “Bob Kane was rather a self-serving individual who rarely did anything himself when he could get someone else to do it for him.” One of those someones was the writer Bill Finger.

Longbox Graveyard blogger Paul O’Connor has a companion gig: a regular column at Stash My Comics called The Dollar Box. Start here.

And speaking of Longbox Graveyard, this week’s installment has Paul doing a short box full of reviews, including Jack Kirby’s The Eternals and Black Panther and Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers’ run on Batman in Detective.

I love looking at old Alex Toth comics.

Author and comics historian Ron Goulart has released four of his groovy 1960s-70s John Easy detective novels as ebooks. Ed Gorman has the details. I read these in paperback form and highly recommend them.

Cartoonist Mike Lynch and some of his fellow cartoonists have created a comic book called Raconteur. He’s posted a preview and it looks spiffy.

The complete Calvin And Hobbes? Hells to the yes! Alan Gardner at The Daily Cartoonist has all the details.

I didn’t know this was a thing, but there’s a graphic novel called The Anti-Capitalist Resistance Comic Book by Gord Hill.

Gerard Jones (Men of Tomorrow) has a new book coming out and he writes about his struggles getting it finished.

If you’re still interested in working for Marvel or DC, this interview with Tony Salmons might shake you up a little.

Paul Bishop takes a look at a new pulp anthology, Tales of the Rook. It features a cover by comic book artist Bob Hall, and stories by Ron Fortier, Bobby Nash, Mike Bullock, Percival Constantine, Tommy Hancock, and a brand new Rook tale by creator Barry Reese.

And finally, the Spectre scolds Batman for letting the villain get away...oh, Batman!

Use your internets responsibly!

[Artwork: Detective Comics #27, © DC Comics]



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