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Friday February 4, 2011 9:22 pm

Weekend Reading: Batman, Doctor Who And Captain America

Captain America Movie PosterThe new teaser image for the upcoming Captain America movie is out. Looks like the art director grew up reading Image Comics. Now let’s see what you can read:

Heroes: Robin Brenner at Early Word, a site for librarians, has a rundown on superhero graphic novels. “Superheroes For The Uninitiated” focuses on the big names from the MU and the DCU, but she promises a future installment that goes outside Marvel and DC.

Bat: It’s been Bat-Week at Tor.com all week. If you’ve missed it, it’s all still there in all its Bat-goodness. Nick Abadzis is there and so is Gotham City: 14 Miles editor Jim Beard.

British: Beano artist Lew Stringer has news of a new, independent graphic novel from England called Armageddon Patrol, a “what if” that poses the question “what if super-heroes fought the Vietnam War?” I gotta get one of these.

Commando: The long-running British comic Commando will celebrate their 50th year this year and to celebrate publisher DC Thomson will be republishing the first 12 issues in reverse order, each from the original art. Peter Richardson at Cloud 109 has more.

Who: Artist Tim Hamilton (Fahrenheit 451) has posted a sneak peek at his Doctor Who work.

Congratulations: John Jackson Miller at The Comics Chronicles has made the New York Times Bestseller List with his new book, Star Wars: Knight Errant.

America: Over at Project Child Murdering Robot (has there ever been a better name for a pop culture blog?), Ricky Sprague takes on Captain America, starting with why the new Captain America movie can’t actually be called Captain America in somehttp://childmurderingrobot.blogspot.com/2011/01/special-3d-post-cynical-genesis-of.html countries.

Dynamite: Troy D. Smith at the Western Fictioneers blog gives it up for Dynamite Entertainment’s The Lone Ranger comics. “The action and language are more realistic...this incarnation of the Lone Ranger is just as much a model of virtue, morality, and honor as any that have come before...I strongly recommend you pick up an issue or one of the trade paperback reprints.”

Books: Did you know that Peanuts’ creator Charles Schulz’s son, Monte Schulz, writes novels? He’s got another out, the second in a trilogy. Bruce Grossman gives it a thumbs up at Bookgasm. “This novel should move Schulz to an even wider audience, which he clearly deserves.”

Babs: Allan Mott at Bookgasm reads DC’s Batgirl: The Greatest Stories Ever Told. “The collection proves to be a colorful, entertaining delight that highlights all of the virtues of the silver and bronze age of comics and virtually none of their detriments.” That sounds like exactly what I want in a collection of old DC stuff.

Milestone: You know whose comics and cartoons Carol Borden likes? Dwayne McDuffie: “McDuffie’s writing is smart, solid, funny and humane. The work that obviously goes into it, isn’t itself obvious. Everything seems to flow from character, which I always like. It’s far more important to me than continuity.” I can’t argue with any of that.

Englehart: Everyone knows Steve Englehart the writer, but have you met Steve Englehart the artist? Diversion of the Groovy Kind will make the introduction if you haven’t yet.

Free: Everyone loves free stuff, especially when it’s good stuff and at Weimar World Service, John Zipperer has some of it that’s both: Magma, a magazine for free-reading. He's got features on Conde Nast Powerhouse, Bob Guccione, Starlog, humor magazines (ancient and new), and plenty more.

Blast: Mystery novelist Bill Crider reviews Blast From The Past by Toni L.P. Kelner: “Not only does she get to write an entertaining mystery but along the way gets to create both a Saturday morning show from years ago and a comic book.”

And finally, the writer Lance Mannion looks at Doonesbury’s characters, their aging, their relationships, and wonders if creator Garry Trudeau hates at least one of them.

Now use your internets responsibly!

[Artwork: Captain America © Marvel Comics, pulled from Bleeding Cool]



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