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Saturday May 26, 2012 7:17 pm

Weekend Reading: Avengers, Starlin, Finger and Bagge

ThanosNext week, we'll all be talking about Men In Black III, but this week was still a lot of chatter about Joss Whedon's The Avengers. Let's hit that:

Avengers creators assemble! Here’s a short but excellent interview with Jim Starlin, courtesy of Hero Complex and Geoff Boucher. It’s super-spoilery so if you haven’t seen the movie yet, don’t click!

And speaking of Avengers, here’s writer Lance Mannion’s review, titled “The Romance Of Tony Stark.”

Tim at Balloon Juice views The Avengers: “It’s a Whedon movie, and quite a good one. Every other line of dialogue could end up on a t-shirt, characters come across as layered and real, conflicts involve profound philosophical differences where it is only sometimes clear who has the ‘right’ side of it, and one or more title character will have a very near-death experience.”


And still more Avengers: Longbox Graveyard has one word for you - “Thanos!”

Todd Allen at Comics Beat picks up the Starlin ball and runs with it, including a vibrant comments section where the haters have to be schooled by the professionals about what creator compensation is all about.

Marc Tyler Nobleman has a new biography out, of Batman’s Bill Finger. It’s packed with previously unknown stuff - Marc’s as good a researcher as he is a writer - and he got a nifty recommendation from Kirkus Reviews.

There’s a new Doc Savage novel out, written by Will Murray.

J.A. Konrath is a very smart guy and an excellent writer. He’s gone all digital and continues to push back against the abuses of traditional publishing. Much of what he writes about can be applied to freelancers working in comics for Marvel and DC. Be smart, too, and take a look.

I think everyone should bookmark and attend Marvel University, “exploring the Marvel Universe month by month from November 1961 - December 1979.”

If this was a book, I’d read the hell out of it!

Comic Strip Of The Day (a site worthy of a bookmark) has a memory of summer camp and Classics Illustrated.

Love this interview with storyboard artist Warren Drummond.

If you haven’t caught up with this yet, enjoy the public meltdown of self-published writer M.R. Mathias on the internets.

When you sign a contract with a publisher where you agree to let them “edit” your work, you should be careful. Here’s one writer’s savage tale, and a cautionary story about dealing with Undead Press.

Writer James Hudnall interviews Peter Bagge.

Ol’ Groove once again makes an inspired choice - a selection of Joe Staton’s covers for Charlton, reminding me yet again how wonderful and versatile Staton is.

Andrew Foley’s working on a new graphic novel. I love page 1!

And finally, I love a good, clever low-budget sci-fi movie, and this looks just like one.

Now go forth and use your internets responsibly!

[Artwork: Thanos by Jim Starlin]




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