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Saturday May 19, 2012 1:27 pm

Weekend Reading: Avengers, Joe Simon, And Don Martin

Black WidowAnother sad week as noted comic book artist Ernie Chan passes away. As always, Mark Evanier has the best obituary, if ever an obit can be categorized that way.

Amanda Marcotte takes a look at The Avengers movie, specifically the male reviewers and their reactions to The Black Widow.

Another good catch by Daniel Best at 20th Century Danny Boy: a tale of stolen artwork involving Joe Simon and the FBI.

Comedy writer Paul Laikin (he wrote for MAD Magazine and was editor of Marvel’s Crazy) has passed away.

And speaking of MAD Magazine, I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like Don Martin’s work. Here’s a nice piece in honor of his birthday.


The writer Lance Mannion talks about bullies, Captain America and Mitt Romney. “Steve Rogers didn’t fight because bullies picked on him. He fought bullies because they were picking on others.” An excellent piece and be sure to read to the end.

If you’re a real-life super-hero and need a place to carry your weapons while you’re on patrol, that need has been filled. Also, with snark by JM Ashby!

My pal Shaun McLaughlin’s Aquaman run is up for grabs at Comixology.

Alan Cranis at Bookgasm likes Joe Golem And The Drowning City by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden: “Mignola and Golden obviously remember what it felt like as young readers to be swept away by the powerful combination of pictures and words in a book.”

Did you know there was a Planet Of The Apes stage show? Apes historian Rich Handley has the script to prove it!

Hogan’s Alley has put up their long-ago interview with cartoonist Lynn Johnston of For Better Or For Worse.

Longbox Graveyard goes all in on Marvel’s classic 1970s-era title: Super-Villain Team-Up.

Cartoonist/Animator John Kricfalusi asks the question: What color is a fart cloud? Then he answers it.

How are people going to make money in a digital world? Here’s some interesting discussion points about the music business that are applicable to comics.

The great cartoonist Arnold Roth has a blog.

I love this gallery of Charlton’s Space: 1999 magazine covers at Christopher Mills’ Space 1970 blog.

I missed this a while back, but it’s a reprint of Alter Ego’s old interview with Allen Bellman, one of the original artists at Timely-Atlas.

And finally, I love this drawing of Hawkeye by Ricky Sprague.

That's it for this week. Enjoy your internets responsibly!

[Artwork: The Black Widow]




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