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Friday September 10, 2010 8:57 pm

Weekend Reading: Alan Moore, Tamara Drewe and Darwyn Cooke

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Movies, Reviews,

Gemma ArtertonSo did you read that great interview Adi Tantimedh had with Alan Moore over yet at Bleeding Cool? I was going to write about it precisely because I disagreed with almost every comment on the site and then I discovered that a much better writer, Tom Spurgeon at the Comics Reporter, did a much better job of encapsulating my feelings. So my work here is done.

Remember all those comic book movies that people outside of comics don’t really know are based on comics because they don’t have capes and boots, like The Losers, Scott Pilgrim, Road To Perdition, etc. There’s a new one coming up next month called Tamara Drewe, based on the graphic novel by Posy Simmonds.

The trailer looks awesome and I get a Reuben, Reuben vibe from watching it. (Yes, that’s the world’s oldest reference point, but go look it up.) Tamara Drewe looks like a lot of fun and I hope it moves a few thousand copies of the graphic novel, which is also well worth reading. Here’s a nice article on the movie from the BBC.

Now let’s see what else is out there.

Writing: You want to know where writers get their ideas? A lot of them are ripped right from the headlines. Tom Spurgeon (him again) relates the tale of a shooting that occurred in a comic book store. If you can’t make an episode of Law & Order or CSI out of this, you really should get out of the episode-making business.

Darwyn Cooke: The writer/artist said some things, the internet had a nerd pile-on, and Kate Fitzsimons tried to restore order.

Publishing: Despite the severe downturn at Borders and Barnes & Noble, the writer Richard Wheeler (author of one of my favorite Western novels Badlands) is bullish on the publishing business. He makes a good case.

Dan Abnett: Dark Fiction Review’s Mark de Jager interviews the novelist and comic book author whose output defines prodigious.

Erin Gray: You know what Wilma Deering is doing these days? Celebrity booker for conventions. No, really, with a “b.” And making a good living at it too.

Print Vs. Digital: Lane Smith has an opinion, and he put it in a book called It’s A Book! And then in a commercial for that book. Watch on as a tech-savvy donkey and a book-loving ape tangle for your amusement.

$500: Glenn Hauman at Comicmix breaks down what big people get paid when they make comic books for you to read.

That’s it for now. Enjoy your internets responsibly.

[Artwork: Gemma Arterton from Tamara Drewe]



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