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Tuesday January 20, 2009 1:55 pm

Tuesday Preview

Barack Obama and Spider-Man

Welcome to the Tuesday Preview. We are up to 2 in a row!

Books will be issued on regular Wednesday. Monday was MLK Day but if UPS doesn’t take the day off, Diamond ships stuff. On the other hand, If we are supposed to celebrate the day, why do the Knicks play MLK afternoon every year?

Dark Avengers is the big book. Now we are inaugurating a new president on Tuesday so I could make a really cheap joke but I won’t. Rumor has it that some Thunderbolts are switching sides so we have Change Baby. Astonishing X-men also drops. The art and writing are usually fine but the storyline is hard to follow so the book is better in trade paperback format. Still, we hope. Spider-man Noir was. I thought, okay and with one main character it is certainly easier to follow than X-men Noir.

Remember that the 2nd printing of Amazing 583 debuts. The is the orange variant cover which is not the highly saught blue variant. Do not over pay for this.  Also the Obama trading cards are here. The media reported that a signed Obama card went for $3100 on E-Bay. My distributor thinks this is insane because a Thomas Jefferson cut signature went for only $3000. Needless to say we are going to see a lot more Obama signed items in the future but they ain’t making anymore more Thomas Jefferson items. But if you come to my store,buy the cards anyway.

Finally, sad to say, Diamond has cancelled MILF Magnet 1. Now I always say to the comic critics that if they think it is so easy, design a complete new super power. All my customers were anxious to read this book although none of them actually committed to buying it.I guess, however, when we discuss which super power we want, this might beat flying.



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