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Friday February 11, 2011 8:41 am

Trucks & Skulls: Best iPhone Action Game

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Trucks & Skulls 2My pals over at Appy Entertainment make games for the iPad and the iPhone and whatever lower case iProduct is coming up.
And they do a heckuva job at it too: their most recent game Trucks & Skulls won the Best Action Game in the iPhone category at the Best App Ever Awards at Macworld in San Francisco.
The iPad version of the game placed in the same category, and Trucks & Skulls also scored “podium positions” for Best Arcade Game.
Previously, Trucks & Skulls had been selected by Apple as both their iPhone Game of the Week and their iPad App of the Week in November, and was then IGN’s iPhone Game of the Month. 

Daniel Day Lewis doesn’t have any of those trophies on his shelf. So there!

When you play it, you'll figure out why it's snagged all this attention - it's classic gameplay with Skulls trying to crush Trucks while Trucks try to crush Skulls. And you can play it on your phone. In traffic. For that authentic feel.
Those who drop by here regularly already know what Appy is - it’s a game company run by a couple of friends of mine, the occasional comic book writer and now Appy Brand Director Paul O’Connor and my once-upon-a-time co-worker and now Appy Chief Executive Officer Chris Ulm (he’s the guy who came up with the idea for the Ultraverse). 
Appy’s already pumped up Trucks & Skulls with four updates, new episodes and 68 new levels, and they’re getting ready to launch Trucks & Skulls 1.5. 
And best of all, the game is still just 99¢. 
Pimp thread over. Time to go back and play Trucks & Skulls.
[Artwork: Trucks & Skulls, © Appy Entertainment]



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