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Sunday October 10, 2010 10:35 pm

Top 10 Things Overheard @ NYCC 2010

New York Comic ConThe has come and gone for another year. And while you may not have been fortunate enough to attend, the spies who work for Comix 411 were there, watching, listening and recording. Here’s what they overheard.

10: “I wish DC and Marvel would drop their prices again.”

9: “Sold out?! In your face, San Diego!”

8: “I was promoted to VP of unemployment…”

7: “Is this the line for that musical?”

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6: “20 pages of story? I’m already two pages ahead of schedule!”

5: “You got comics in my anime! / You got anime in my comics!”

4: “Where are all the Hollywood celebrities?”

3: “In the time it took to get my badge, created another 25 superheroes, filmed a movie cameo, plotted six comics and started another company.”

2: “If I’m bitten by a radioactive bedbug, what super powers do I get?”

And the #1 thing overheard at this year’s New York Comic Con:

1: “How come the Digital Conference panel doesn’t have anyone on it who makes a living creating digital comics?”

[Artwork: The NYCC]



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