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Saturday July 30, 2011 12:38 pm

Top 10 Surprises In Captain America

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Movies, Marvel Comics,

Captain AmericaTo some people’s surprise (that would be me, if you’re asking), Marvel Comics made an excellent movie about Captain America.

Who’d’ve thought that the shield-slinging WWII hero would translate so well to the screen? It’s so good, that they may wait at least 8 years before rebooting it.

But for those that watch the movie a second or third time (that would be me, if you’re asking), there are some surprises lurking in the margins.

Here then, are the Top 10 Surprises In The New Captain America Movie:

10: His shield is made out of Reb Brown’s career

9. It’s not just the skull that’s red

8. The Falcon calls the studio every day. "I'm in the sequel right?"

7. “Dum Dum” is hot new name for baby boys

6. “Odin’s Treasure Room” has a 2-drink minimum

5. Bucky’s been killed more times than a Sean Bean character

4. Block Of Ice signed for 2 sequels + Joss Whedon’s Avengers

3. In Russia, the movie title was changed to Captain Morgan

2. Credits list more producers than Howling Commandos

And the #1 surprise in Marvel’s Captain America

1. It doesn’t suck like Green Lantern!

[Artwork: Captain America, the all-American super-hero created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby]



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