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Saturday June 11, 2011 1:51 pm

Top 10 Observations From X-Men: First Class

January JonesWe’ve all seen Marvel ComicsX-Men First Class by now, right?

And if you haven’t, then you’re hardly a fan worthy of our time. Go. Now. See it.

Despite the film’s soft opening, you can bet they’ll make more. I saw it, will no doubt see it again.

As you watch the film, maybe you’ll have some of the same thoughts that I did. I walked away with 10 observations about the movie - see if they match your own:

10. January Jones will be getting offers from Playboy (now) and Wizard World (5 years from now)

9. Sequel: X-Men: Gym Class

8. Finally! We can talk about something other than DC Comics’ reboot

7. You say Magneto, I say tomato

6. Oliver Platt’s Next Role: Bouncing Boy

5. The Cuban Missile would be a great name for a superhero

4. Wheel of Fortune Before & After: Muslim Brotherhood of Mutants

3. Hellfire Club’s real goal: small government, cut Medicare, defund Planned Parenthood

2. Emma Frost has the power to change her body into hotness

And the #1 observation about X-Men: First Class...

1. This movie: Nazi Gold; next movie: Confederate Gold!

And just one more week until Green Lantern?

[Artwork: January Jones as Emma Frost]



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