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Monday August 22, 2011 8:13 pm

Top 10 Changes In Superman Reboot

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, DC Comics,

Action Comics #1There are those in the industry who track these kinds of things who believe that DC Comics has been making significant changes to the Superman character over the years in a continuing effort to thwart claims by the estates of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster about the character.

A good place to start with this story is at Comics Beat.

With DC’s newest relaunch/reboot/do-over of their universe this fall, they are making more changes to Superman, and it's not just his costume or his fresh L'il Abner look. A lot of the changes won't be clear until you actually read Action Comics #1, on sale September 7. I've read that first issue, and here are the Top Ten changes to Superman's mythology.

10. Able to leap Kim Kardashian’s butt in a single bound.

9. Fights for truth, justice and the Military/Industrial Complex’s way.

8. Bottle City of Kandahar.

7. Planet Krypton replaced by Planet Molybdenum

6. Krypto’s a rescue dog from Michael Vick’s backyard.

5. Ma Kent now a Thai ladyboy (It is a Grant Morrison story, after all)

4. Superman’s New Dominionist Villain: Lex Lutheran

3. Jimmy Olsen is big brother to Mary-Kate and Ashley

2. Lois Lane + Lana Lang = Lesbian Lovers

And the #1 change in the new Superman reboot:

1. Goodbye Yellow Sun - Superman now gets his powers from Big Oil

[Artwork: Cover to Action Comics #1 by Rags Morales, © DC Comics]



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