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Monday April 27, 2009 11:44 am

The Return of the Phoenix

Posted by Joel Rosenberg Categories: Reviews, Independent,

Well, the pain pills for my broken wrist have worn off enough so that I can form reasonably sane thoughts. Or so the german would have us believe.  People come into my fine comic store, The Phoenix of Westchester, and are always complaining about the new generation of superheroes - dull, trite, been there, done that. Then I tell them MY secret identity as an assistant editor at Marvel. I am going to hire you to write a new Marvel comic. You can have access to 70 years of Marvel’s library. All I need from you is a new super power that no one has ever thought of and a story line to go with it. Not so easy, is it?

So today’s review is of a fine new comic put out by the reputable publisher, Moonstone. It is called M.I.L.F. Magnet. If I have to explain what a Milf is, you might as well stop reading now.  The story is about a young superhero named Taser, who, of course, shoots out electricity. He is a poor excuse for a hero who works with the Bastions of Justice whose members ridicule him all the time for his, well, .....shortcomings. Through a comedic series of events, he gets caught up in a love spell which makes his life….interesting. All women cannot stay away from him. A friendly wizard can only modify it so only women over 40 find him irresistible. Much sex and hilarity ensue.

I only brought this book into the store because I found the title hilarious. True, it is border line pornographic and it is surely rated R. But it is probably the funniest book i have read in years. Of course, none of my customers will buy it, but they all have read it and they have all laughed out loud three or four times. It is apparently a one-shot, but I hope they continue it. Real laughs are not easy to come by these days.



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