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Friday November 7, 2008 1:18 pm

The Future of Smallville


So what is to become of “Smallville”?

As a comic shop owner, I am in weekly contact with DC. Everytime I ask them for some good gossip I never get any. Advance word of All-Star Batman 10 would have been real nice. So even though the season is not even half over, we certainly can speculate.

Tom Weiling’s contract is up at the end of the year. TV land is strewn with the bodies of TV stars who left for the movies. Most are never heard of again. It took David Caruso, the star of NYPD Blue years to recover from “Jade.” Shelley Long, of “Cheers” fame, has never recovered from “Camp Beverly Hills” and “The Money Pit.” I have no idea if Weiling considers “The Fog” and “Father of The Bride 2” as his stepping stones to Tom Hanks fame or a reality check of where his acting career is headed. Here are two suggestions.

The first is extending his contract until he plays Supergranddad. In fact, a good name for the show would be Clark and Lois because that’s where they seem to be heading anyway.

The second is change the name of the show to Metropolis and have Supes appear in, say, eight episodes of the 24. We already have the makings of the JLA with appearances by Cyborg, The Flash, Black Canary, the Martian Manhunter and current regular Green Arrow. With DC putting the clamps on any Batman reference and the long, long, long awaited Wonder Woman film, it still leaves untold superheroes who would love a TV gig.



thanks for the tips. I originally thought blogging was basically stream of conciousness but it seems a lot more to some folks. i’ll try to do better

unlike Lost, where it took them a few years to decide it would take them 3 years to come up with a last episode, we all know that in the last episode of Smallville, we will see Clark in the super-suit.
  Try to remember the actors act the way the scripts are written and directed. Lois throughout history is supposed to be a crackerjack reporter with one teensy, weensy blind spot. personally, i always thought lana is super cute and lois is super hot.
  Hmmm a series named Clark and Lois. could be

try to remember its was her decision to leave although we will see her at the Chloe-Jimmy wedding.


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