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Sunday January 11, 2009 4:37 pm

The Boys 26 Review

Posted by Todd Matthy Categories: Reviews, DC Comics,

The Boys 26

Ah, The Boys. The comic book DC didn’t want, the comic book only Garth Ennis could write. The place that further crosses the line of decency of the South Park classic “Lemmywinks”. And issue 26 is no exception.

The fourth part of “We Gotta Go Now” sees the CIA-backed Superhero Watchdogs send their newest member Wee Hughie to infiltrate the G-Men (think the X-Men crossed with Animal House) when a teammate is murdered. During his infiltration, Hughie makes a startling discovery, the G-Men (despite being superheroes) are actually nice guys and wants to make sure they don’t turn into jerks like the other superteams in the world.

Compared to other issues of The Boys, issue 26 is tame. The only absurdity that happens is an incident with a dog and an annoying cat, and Hughie and his girlfriend Starlight (A Midwest Christian version Supergirl who is constantly having her dreams shattered) engaging in sexual relations in a park. Tame, compared to the books previous moments, but still entertaining with a fun dose of commentary on the state of superheroes. Not for the weak at heart and certainly not the children, but certainly the most absurd book on the racks every month. Oh….and one of the most fun.




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